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Beg hire 3 annulus beyond housing! ! (Into China area)
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The month hires: The face is discussed yuan
Bedroom: Other
Whether intermediary: Blame intermediary
Have posture place: Sichuan - Chengdu - Cheng Hua area

Requirement one: Li Meng and eunuch ヒ bad vertebra mires " ? farmer room)
Requirement two00- - 300 with last square. Should have a large dams child. (Jump over good) greatly more.
Requirement 3: Does dark frowsty Lu black the  that hold collect high kowtows?
Oneself are to be hired for a long time (live) . Do breed an industry (dog) .
Accord with above condition contact with oneself please.
Contact: Yan Qin
Email: Yanqinlzm2008@163.com
Address: Sichuan Chengdu
Mobile phone: 13882055213
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QQ: 592859710