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False information everywhere conceal, the house is rented on the net do not cred
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False information is increasing

"Intermediary sends a card to say on the net, one is in 54 two rooms around, lunar hire just 700 yuan. I feel very appropriate, contact with them immediately. The result arrived after their door inn, they say this house had been done not have, instead recommends a month to rent the single boarding house that wants 1500 yuan to me. And I passed 3 days to get online again, discover they still are recommending that to cover 700 yuan house. " Ms. Zhang of provincial hospital, mention the experience that seeks a room a few days ago to be enraged.

Intermediary personage expresses, current, really company of a lot of small intermediary issues a few section on the net good, hire cheap room source, but these room sources are actually primary nonexistent, they are intermediary is attracted only beg those who hire a person " bait " , once beg,hire a person to come accordingly, can say room source already was hired to go out, change to beg hire a person to recommend the building with tall hire.

Personage of normal intermediary company suggests to say, if come up against such intermediary, consumer can note next telephone number that they take on the net, encounter the intermediary of same number again next time, won't be duped. In addition, when be contacted with intermediary, can ask both sides is in directly this room source sees, the probability that is cheated so will be a few smaller.

Not credulous " landlord is hired continuously "

"The room that is him landlord says on the card, did not think of to meet, let the person says he is intermediary however, extortionary I pay fee seeing a room! " the citizen that such experience believes to majority rents a house on the net has been encountered.

If be landlord,release Fangyuan information on the net directly, when begging the person that hire to see a room, need not hand in " cost seeing a room " . But there is full of the intermediary information that pretends to be landlord in great quantities on the network of Fuzhou this locality now, some intermediary rent in the individual the column releases information directly, or sticking a house photograph to say his is landlord.

To such circumstance, the personage inside course of study expresses, when begging the person that hire to be able to be contacted in the phone, ask some of specific question about the house more, for instance the brand of the home appliance in the house, use fixed number of year or neighbour circumstance. These detailed information, general intermediary cannot remember.