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55 smooth fossa shake the body becomes warm new home small white-collar is only
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This is I and BF lease the building that come, house price is too high, temporarily wait-and-see. House one room one hall 55 smooth rice, empty room takes clothbound to repair, be never had rented new building, a lot of people are fond of because do not have live atmosphere,hiring a room to live is, actually, want to spend some of little thought only, the rented house also can decorate warm home euqally.

Whole home besides electric equipment, lamps and lanterns of curtain of furniture mattess green plant deserves to act the role of etc all, spent 5500 yuan, and it is OK still that the house is bought after one part furniture reoccupy, whole illuminative process did not nail a nail toward the wall, avoided to destroy the new building of landlord. such, ground of their every little bit presents the look that gives me to compare satisfaction: Simple, warm, have attributive feeling.

Play the part of a result: The a bit accumulates the home, ramble more at ordinary times household bazaar, accumulate more some small adorn it is better to taste, one-time buy often meet time is too pressing.

L sofa streak holds pillow in the arms in all 1500 yuan, cost price 2800, sample cuts price again, 1500 be taken, buy more urgently at that time not fine anthology, feel to occupy an area too big, but have big gain greatly, in disorder can lie.

Sitting room one horn, the bookcase that appropriate home buys, about 500 yuan. The friend sends big spectacles. 3 green plant in all 40 yuan. Most of the value is wall body is transformed, just spend 8 money, delimit with coating and wallpaper do not come, not beautiful idea feels bad to look again, bought hank then 25 yuan black does not do glue paper, decorative pattern is a hand had cut after draw affix go, see be bored with can tear down change new design. Used the paper of 1/3 only.

My computer desk comes, cost 85 yuan in all. This is the class desk and chair that a student uses, 75 yuan are cleaned out, cabinet suit me very much, also have the taste of student times very much. Myself does antependium adds chair cover, grid of shamrock cotton cloth is very sweet, just 10 yuan. Tissue small flower is hanged 5 yuan of money a string, in all 10 yuan, two canvas are the classic of myself, painting oil painting is not for be economical, dye adds canvas to added the of all kinds tool such as blend oil to spend occasionally many money, but feel times successful feeling, believe hand doodle, good joy. Canvas is to use puissant and double-faced gooey those who go up, need not hit a nail.
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