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Be paid house of penalty due to breach of contract by the requirement unexpected
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Introduce according to Ms. Chen, she is going up the month rented through intermediary of a house property the house of a 120 square metre, she ever said to intermediary at that time, the hope looks for the lodger with a living not too much number, do not have group hire. However, at the beginning of this month, she looks in this flatlet house, there are several pieces of double beds unexpectedly inside, living move 20 many people. Ms. Chen finds intermediary, hope the other side appears personally settle this matter, let lodger stop group hire or end the relationship that rent. Intermediary felt to already completed the professional work that the building rents, want to terminate the contract that rent nowadays, should be Ms. Chen talks things over with the other side, their inconvenience appears personally. Talk things over for many times without fruit hind, ms. Chen decides to compensate for the penalty due to breach of contract of lodger, drive away group rent a settle or live in a strange place.

After the event, ms. Chen finds house property intermediary, the intermediary service that thinks the other side is offerred did not satisfy the rental requirement that she raises, ought to return return intermediary fee. Company of house property intermediary did not agree all the time.

Yu Zhiyuan of solicitor of office of attorney of Shanghai seaing peaceful thinks, the service that house property intermediary provides is one-time ground searchs lodger for landlord, if landlord rents to the building the use number after or utility have certain limitation and demand, can undertake conventional in the renting contract that both sides or tripartite sign, once after this appears group of problems that hire and so on, can undertake compensatory according to the contract. If pair of buildings are done not have to rent conventional requirement in the contract, intermediary professional work was completed after intermediary company introduces lodger, ought to collection intermediary cost. Remind the person that the building rents, to prevent group hire or oneself building is changed utility, when signing the contract that rent, must be as far as possible in the contract rent a requirement clearly, lest produce issue in the future.