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Street of rental room Chengdu performs constabulary monitoring " very close to e
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In October the middle ten days of a month, one secret man sends a short message to our newspaper, divulge in Chengdu east outskirt, have a guilty gang that steals a supermarket technically, average everyday everybody should issue a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes to Home 10-20 supermarket. Our newspaper reporter spreads out early days instantly dark visit, public security bureau of the Chengdu City gathers up instead detachment also establishs case group, of an insecurity " feline rat game " spread out sadly. Dog in the secret of close a week film in obtaining evidence, be full of stimulation and insecurity all the time...

Go on the ave when you, if someone calls,say " do business " , a person's movement and expression doubtful, he is thief of a profession likely very. A when because this is,communicate between them " argot " . The newspaper expects the person says, after this gang steals a thing from the supermarket, or low sells a few business to spread a boss, him or stands in the village to peddle set now, their conceal is in east outskirt already was as long as 1-2 year time. How be close to them, reporter and case group policeman expended setbacks one time quite.

"Old enemy " commit the crime in one supermarket wait for one's chance

On October 15

One person enters supermarket thieve one person waits by bike outside the door

"A vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes " peep, the reporter is patted slow

On October 15 afternoon, either end of a bridge of road of beautiful Yuan Dong. "Crop, wear jacket of a gray, carry those who carrying a black on the back on the back to register a bag. " newspaper stuff person, a member in the gang will be passed from the bridge, enter the city zone.

1 when 5 minutes, the phone rang again, newspaper stuff person lets a reporter park the car in construction north road on 2 paragraphs of 11 streets. A cafeteria is over there, voice noisy and confused. "See not? Thief is in you on the shop building a car on. " newspaper stuff person says. The surface looks, this is a common middleaged man only, but he is however name registered in about a hundred supermarket " VIP " .

The reporter dogs stealthily. The rate that middleaged man cycles is very slow, pass bridge of the Shuang Jianzhong road, double alley that build north, celestial being all the way on the west area of one alley, Cheng Hua hospital of the 4th people. Look around, when passing a supermarket every time, his speed is slower. 1 when 32 minutes, middleaged man returns construction north way, a middleaged man that wears black jacket took his electric car.

1 when 45 minutes, electric car is in on oil region at the door supermarket of a red flag stopped. Middleaged man gets off, the move before the portfolio face bosom backside next positions, walk into a supermarket directly. The middleaged man that wears black dress is driving electric car, surround in supermarket week circle will be circled, wait for a companion that supermarket helper goes to before receiving.
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