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Garden village 3 rooms 2 hall 2 defend
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Place the city zone: Black sheep area
Property address: The new developed area austral Fu fills the samite other Lu Jinsha relics together village of civilian house garden
Property type: The residence
Building door: 3 rooms 2 hall 2 protect property right property: Commodity house
Floor area: 124 square metre trade the price: 1800 yuan / month
Decorate level: Clothbound front: Unspecified
Seat floor: The 7th / in all 7
Trade means: Collection intermediary is expended
Infrastructure: Water, report, burn gas, cable television
Building configuration: Phone
Surroundings: Without
Other description:
The house is multilayer attic, clothbound is repaired. The form a complete set that occupy the home is completely neat. Village environment is good, have security personnel very safe. Originally room door structure is fine, very clean. My company acts on a service the first, the whole course that the purpose with paramount credit offers professional, considerate, express delivery for you serves. The housing that can find satisfaction for you is our desire! If this is your appropriate housing fast contact with us!
Contact means
Contact: Li Xu east
Phone: 13980788138 mobile phones: 13980788138