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3 rooms of fierce Hou village 3 hall 2 defend
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Place the city zone: Fierce Hou area
Property address: Outside Jin Jina road crosses main street of Hou of double Nan fierce 22 numbers village of Hou of big garden fierce
Property type: The residence
Building door: 3 rooms 3 hall 2 protect property right property: Commodity house
Floor area: 158 square metre trade the price: 1500 yuan / month
Decorate level: Clothbound front: south
Seat floor: The 1st / in all 6 period of efficacy: 45 days
Trade means: Collection intermediary is expended
Infrastructure: Water, report, burn gas, cable television, have a broadband, have the balcony
Building configuration: Phone, water heater, air conditioning, have door of guard against theft
Surroundings: Garden village, park, hospital, the school, bank, post-office, bazaar, the market, meal, supermarket, nursery school, village management
Other description:
Suit firm office particularly! Clothbound jumps a residence 1 building jumps 2 buildings hire: 1Month of 500 yuan of / (every half an year pays) model with the area 3 rooms 3 hall 2 defend Wu Hou of 158 ㎡ Chengdu Jin Jina road of Ou Wuhou highway makes big garden 22 numbers clothbound of Wu Hou village jumps a layer: Meet condition of traffic of village of Hou of big garden fierce 53, 72, 84, 92, 165, 334, 339, 368, 542, 889 time: Decorated 1998: Clothbound floor building of the 1st / is 6 tall furniture equipment: Burn gas, light gas stove, take lampblack chance, cabinet form air conditioning, phone, water heater, fiber-optic, broadband, ark of a lot of walls. Do not plan to configure other furniture and electric equipment. If your dispute wants house-owner to configure furniture and electric equipment cannot rent a settle or live in a strange place, not was necessary to see a room. Suit firm office particularly! Capacious and bright, house home better off! Because before rent others office, do not have furniture so, electric equipment has air conditioning of form of a cabinet only, new exterior wall tile, do not face a market, garden of area of gate of 28 square illicit, ground floor floor tile is upstairs full floor board, ground floor 3 hall 1 hutch 1 lie 1 defend, upstairs 2 lie 1 defend, add 2 storeroom additionally. Store of circumjacent chaffy dish is more, there is gym around, domestic Le Fu, hall of Yi Teng ocean China, everybody is happy, 1000 fill general merchandise, mutually beneficial supermarket, red flag supermarket, recreational meal bank is taught also everything needed is ready, bus of multichannel of traffic extend in all directions 53, 72, 84, 92, 165, 334, 339, 368, 542, 889, the doorway has each supermarket free fair car. Email: Cd5188@gmail.com phone: 028-81809173