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Always abundant road 2 rooms 1 hall 1 defend
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Place the city zone: Fierce Hou area
Property address: Good much, everybody is happy, exceed foreign garden, crossroads of temple of clothes and hat always abundant road
Property type: The residence
Building door: 2 rooms 1 hall 1 protect property right property: Commodity house
Floor area: 60 square metre trade the price: 1500 yuan / month
Decorate level: Clothbound front: Unspecified
Seat floor: The 4th / in all 12
Trade means: Collection intermediary is expended
Infrastructure: Water, report, burn gas, cable television
Building configuration: Phone
Surroundings: Without
Other description:
Temple of clothes and hat stands hand in by, near street of Xing Rong of the river that be like the home, stand by middle school of Yu Lin of southwest nation university, jade forest elementary school, mechanism nursery school. Campus of everybody happy galaxy is proximate transportation of one annulus road is very convenience, large supermarket is good much, village environment is first-rate, afforest rate is high
Contact means
Contact: Lady of rich room ginger
Phone: 89082907 mobile phones: 89082907