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Abode of triumphant Lai international 2 rooms 1 hall 1 defend
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Place the city zone: Area of bright and beautiful river
Property address: Area of bright and beautiful river extends civilian way abode of international of 50 triumphant Lai
Property type: Apartment
Building door: 2 rooms 1 hall 1 protect property right property: Confidential
Floor area: 81 square metre trade the price: 2000 yuan / month
Decorate level: Clothbound front: Unspecified
Seat floor: The 19th / in all 20
Trade means: Collection intermediary is expended
Infrastructure: Water, report, burn gas, elevator, cable television, have a broadband, have the balcony
Building configuration: Phone, water heater, air conditioning, freezer, washing machine, furniture, kitchen utensils and appliances, have door of guard against theft
Surroundings: Garden village, hospital, the school, bank, post-office, bazaar, the market, meal, parking lot, village management
Other description:
The bridal chamber that decorated 2007, friend of one foreign country hired a year before, had returned a house now went the other place works. This house liaison man is convenient, the life, go to a doctor all very convenient. Circumjacent a few universities, be like plain big, the school such as plain sound, elementary school of grade of river leaving dragon is very close also.
Contact means
Contact: Lan Nv person
Phone: 86260207 mobile phones: 13981865478