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What material does ambry popularity use to pledge this year?
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What material does ambry popularity use to pledge this year? Be the lacquer that bake, real wood be still crystal board, double plaque? The ambry that consumer favors which kinds of material pledges again? Recently, after the reporter visited ambry bazaar, discover at present best-selling ambry should belong to contracted style, going up character in material is first selection convenient and practical!

■ economy is practical model face plate still suffers the market to chase after hold in both hands

In last few years the material of ambry face plate can say to emerge in endlessly character, make a person dazzling, from solid
Wood to suck model model, simple sense of modular pressing plate, metal arrives again the Qi Xing that bake, but it is for the word that uses professional public figure, remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes. Depend on Wang Xiaodong of sale department manager to introduce according to Yigeer Kay, material of ambry face plate has a few kinds character, but the severe test that passes the market, main component is the mainstream the profiling of model suction model, Qi Xing that bake, double facing wait for a few kinds.

The reporter understood much home to sell, discover a lot of consumer are rational consumption from blind regression mostly this year, from the market walk along a quantity to look, pair facing board is held " first an ancient folding chair " , double plaque also is called 3 get together cyanogen amine board, this kind of face plate is high temperature resistant, do not fear cut, and cost is relatively low, although insufficient vogue is beautiful, but the characteristic of its economy material benefit gets the favour of consumer. Zhang Hao of general manager of ambry of the clique that occupy Europe introduces: "This year the market does not calculate the circumstance of boom to fall, the sale of pair of facing board with relatively low price is the biggest! The sale of pair of facing board with relatively low price is the biggest!!

■ the UV Qi Xing that bake because " counteract " and powerful

Reside a product with other home actually same, the popularity with ambry qualitative material also has metabolic curve. The earliest when, the market is more popular double facing with crystal model, double facing board because economic material benefit is the earliest very popular, but model is not quite handsome; Crystal board is a crystal board is pressed on face plate, because model is handsome beautiful, for a time very get market reception, but changeful entity is allowed after crystal board encounters heat, because not durable, basically be abandoned by the market!

According to Introduction Wang Xiaodong, this moment, horizontal stroke of the Qi Ban that bake is born for nothing, its base material is density board, the surface bakes entrance lacquer high temperature through 6 gush make and become. Colour and lustre is machined easily colourfully, beautiful vogue and waterproof properties is admirable, fight corrupt capability is strong, yi Qing manages, appear almost, become tide place to, but the problem appeared very quickly, the Qi Ban that bake is not able to bear or endure cut, nick stays easily on face plate! For this, profile of the lacquer that bake also is facing the risk that is abandaned for a time character! To solve this problem, businessman development went UV to bake Qi Xing, in door plank before last an UV (the coating of tall hardness) , enhance door plank " immune force " , enhanced door plank fight cut ability. Nowadays, already vogue is beautiful bear fruit again durable UV baked Qi Xing ambry to had had his firm " vermicelli made from bean starch " !
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