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Economical buy home avoids opportunely businessman sales promotion " rear 3 kniv
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This year is be worthy of the name " marry year " . The Olympic Games will kick off on August 8 that day, branch of civil administration of above of class of countrywide county area marries the quantity that register was achieved since founding a state odd-numbered days record! And the marriage that National Day long holiday regards a tradition as " the golden week " , almost every day wedding gathers together. Because prices general goes up this year,do not pass, new people hopes to spend his limited budget on edge. "Economical buy new home " also became everybody's collective wish naturally. However, shrewd businessman always is can firm the mentality that holds customer. The holiday that new people contends for knot of photograph happy event to connect manage also became each everybody house to sell a contention " bridal cake " battlefield. So, in driving process of buy new home, face a businessman the sales promotion with one power sharp authority " soft knife " , how should new people avoid " behead " ?

Economical buy home the first pace: Demand plans to keep away from opportunely " knife of sales promotion of do sth for the occasion "

A lot of new personality have an error: When thinking to be moved into new home, be about an all sorts of furniture one pace reachs the designated position, all of sitting room bedroom is decorated full to the brim, at least can no more be done 35 years fluctuant. Actually idea of home of this kind of buy is insufficient economy reason. On one hand, the youth is in furniture is practical the demand side with exterior sex is put probably in a few highbrow idea. On the other hand, the plan cannot catch up with change, for instance the chummage of the child's arrival or parents brings what bedroom space and furniture furnish likely to adjust in the future. Below this kind of circumstance, one-time buy all sorts of furniture entirely neat it is not quite well-advised, form resource possibly to waste in future already, increased the economic pressure of at present greatly again. To this, stylist of professional buy home suggests: Home of new personality buy does not want rapid move to reach the designated position, OK and main concentration is in a few need basically on machine parts or tools kept in reserve. Such already save trouble is applicable, it is the metabolic put apart in the future again space.

"Avoid knife " small stick person: Face a businessman to be hit " marry the group is bought return show big privilege " wait for sales promotion of do sth for the occasion, new people must stand firm footing, cogitative, cannot because certain sell of field return show the forehead to spend temptation the furniture that too big actuation ground buys him not to need originally. If the hope is OK more easy the product that puts a person's mind to choose to suit his truly, so new people can choose Cheng Weibang resembling auspicious international furniture village executes stable low this kind (lower than the urban district 30%-10% ) sell, after careful consider again act.
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