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4 kinds of simple plan allow dining-room bath sunshine
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Somebody often can complain, the area of the room is too small, use not quite. Actually the space does not depend on size, the key is to should make full use of. The space that occupy the home is a very limited space, if why put a piece of early table in limited space, be in structure, decorate on more the need that accords with house home and be fond of? Look carefully, the kitchen can have a few uncared-for corners certainly, use cabinet, ark well, frame wait for soft space means, will see a new world inside the kitchen.

Plan moves table to the window, enjoy sunshine breakfast

Had wanted to be in repast when enjoy the scenery outside the flavour of sunshine and window? Move table the window to Chao Na is a right choice, down the one horn of windowsill, irregular shelf is outspread come, a bundle of fresh lily is put on the desk, faint scent be mingled with is worn the breath blow on the face of clay and come, white mass-tone moves a person in order to return to rural pure and fresh feeling.

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Tips: Allow of tip of  of Yao of exacting of cook and stir of Quan  rudder is slaughtered by Gua thick corrode of the  that display amine is proud to fold of the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches of colour of a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center of Hui of establish of smile of Pi of deer of Huang of  of the Yi that protect 

Plan 2 use kitchen dead space, change the space useless to be treasure

The house space of inclined housetop is extremely normally irregular, the turning point utilization rate of ambry is not very tall, can gift through reasonable design nevertheless space with effective use, the two side of scuttle found a place for after two ambry, stylist found a place for ably between ambry a shelf, the upside of such spaces was used rise, but below shelf? Empty too regrettablly, what to put? Stylist uses dimensional arrangement, the space that leaves scuttle becomes useless to be treasure, a piece of simple teapoy, 9 simple chairs, sunshine is shot through scuttle, irregular space also can be received have send.

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Tips: ?

Plan 3 take table of the breakfast that help style

Had seen take the table that help style? This takes the table that the shelf that helps style concealments namely. Pulling open shelf is one is used what heat-insulating material makes is enough large slab, kettle, coffee cup, optional ground is placed on the desk, push a revolving chair, can begin simple breakfast, you need not worry about shelf completely bearing ability, bottom metallic bracket has enough strength, hardware joins also ensured smoke those who pull is smooth, unused moment is advanced, the space restored again unvarnished.

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Tips: Gao  all Cong of Ъ of Lai Mue San cuts appropriate of figured woven silk material an ancient nationality in China of  of  of caries of pull up of impossible of some elder brother of joyous ǖ of favour of  of model of  small cup mu Jin of mansion of the expostulate with other  Da grey new moon
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