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Massage bath crock the first time use should clean thoroughly
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Enough to toilet for big family, buying jar of a massage bath is a right choice, bath crock interior is having the hydrotherapy spray head that group type arranges, move through motor, the place that waits for easy exhaustion in the light of back of the person that wash bath, waist undertakes current is massaged, rise to accelerate the effect such as joint of haemal circulation, loose.

Though be in massage bath crock,bath is one kind is enjoyed, but this among them also under cover a few healthy hidden trouble. Massage bath crock causes a bacterium easily, clean bath crock is very so important. To this, shen Jingxin of manager of business of An Huawei bath says, conduit of massage bath crock causes a bacterium easily, had better be in the first time before using, clean thoroughly first, the mainest is to clean pipeline.

Usually, right at ordinary times of cylinder body clean, use neuter cleaner to had been compared, neuter cleaner has carry out in building materials supermarket, the price is cheaper also, avoid to use the cleaner that is used at ceramic tile or enamel surface, also do not use gush agent or concentrating agents, because caustic stronger cleaner is met to the Yakeli of bath crock the surface is caused damage. The result that will remove bath crock dirt with soda pink is right also.