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Autumn family decorates escape error to pay a point (graph article)
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"Jin Jiuyin 10 " , as decorate busy season, householder people hope well decorate, with new home is received new arrival of a year. But autumn distinction and other and seasonal climate, if do not notice slightly, give very easily decorate bring not little trouble.

Autumn decorates a jewel, let your escape error pay a point, happy enter brand-new and comfortable home.

Autumn is decorated -- gist piece

Golden bid farewell:

The bases of paint, waterproof is colophony more kind compound of organic high polymer, this kind of material is embedded and much volatile dissolvent. When use, often need to be moved into appropriate viscosity with thinner with convenient construction. These thinner are volatile strong, a large number of dispersion in air, become the poisonous culprit in the worker is being caused in construction.

Now, air temperature change is frequent, the immune force of human body becomes so not strong in such environment. Additionally all sorts of bacteria that cause disease and virus are in mild weather is very easy anabiosis, person of division of labor of together with greater part is in spot board and lodging, environment of the sanitation of food and tableware, spot comes into being disease popularity extremely easily.

Wooden bid farewell:

What appear to the building is seasonal the problem is not eager to doing repair. Summertime air humidity is big, the moisture content that contains in furniture of wall, ground, woodiness is bigger; Winter situation is opposite. Alternate possibly because of season at this moment, air temperature, humidity differs and appear a few problems, if wooden floor is contractive, board with board the aperture between is increased, because metope and doorcase belong to two kinds of different capable person to pledge shrinkage differs, appear possibly also so aperture, these attribute the normal phenomenon that appears in seasonal changeover.

Additional, if wall body craze, explain the moisture inside wall body is volatilizing gradually, if had been repaired at this moment, when cent waiting for water continues to volatilize, metope still continues likely craze, should when when the moisture inside the wall and outside climate are appropriate, undertake be repairinged one-timely again, such meetings get more satisfactory decorate the effect.

Avoid to put timber in intake place. Autumn climate is dry, timber is put in intake place, make the moisture inside lumber is lost quickly easily, the surface is weather-shack, appear tiny flaw. Want to do the processing that seal oil like Ju wood to high-grade face plate so, chain the moisture inside lumber is not sent missing.

Water bid farewell:

When decorating, prevent to destroy the waterproof layer of kitchen toilet, answer to check waterproof layer to whether reach the designated position seriously at the same time, have deny damaged, should repair otherwise. Affusion experiment answers after be being repaired, if kitchen toilet seat has,alter, must do waterproof layer afresh. Some people go to the lavatory to decorate, do sth without authorization alters fluctuation water and central heating system, cause the condition that decorates hair flood very much also. The pipe fitting of inferior fluctuation water that when wanting to avoid to decorate, uses is caused run water.
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