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Disclose household to sell a " to return the beautiful crammer that shows trap "
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As " Jin Jiuyin 10 " the arrival of busy season of domestic outfit sale, each everybody house sells lasted the sales promotion activity of a summer not only the evidence that did not stay a hand, grow in intensity instead, sell in furniture hit " return show a shop sign " later, building materials sells also joined this " return show big fight " : "Building materials is returned 2000 yuan completely now 560 " , " building materials is full 2000 return show 500 yuan, still can play serial lottery, win a prize in a lottery is led 100% " ... such sales promotion catchphrase is seen in the everywhere inside inn.

However this kind is being hit " pass on consumer yielding benefit " the sales promotion act of banner, whether to let consumer be being denounced truly " cheap " ? Building materials is as high as 25%-28% " return lead now " be a businessman after all " massive haemorrhage " have an implied meaning additionally still?

Cash returns profit, it is pasty, be still trap?

Disclose according to some bazaar assistant: Benciman the 2000 activities that return 500 yuan, the businessman assumes 18 to nod, sell assume 7 to nod; Take namely return show 500 yuan of consideration, the businessman assumes 360 yuan, sell assume 140 yuan. Sell of field 7 are nodded from why and come, actually namely businessman hire earning, calculate after all or the businessman is assumed.

Attentive consumer mights as well calculate brushstroke debt: By " full 2000 yuan are returned 500 " return let profit pattern computation now, the businessman begins give sb a present from year, be in during of each district return show an activity uninterrupted one billow crosses one billow high, so the extent yielding benefit that comes down one year does not issue a few absolutely 100 million! Course of study of outfit is in the home sells dim, competition below circumstance of reductive of intense, profit, the businessman acts mammon to a form of a address for an official or rich man to distribute red bag so, arrive from year year of end, so tall return cash specified amount, so concentrated return show frequency, return finally can " profitable " ? Agree to sustain losses in business sacrifice, from dig down? Is cash returns profit after all pasty or trap?

Trap one: "Dark fold " change " bright buckle "

Once the businessman wants to enter the activity of bazaar, must assume yield benefit 18 are nodded, the thing of businessman lose money in business won't be done absolutely, accordingly, "In the long run " , a simple way is dark fold change bright buckle, the extent of price drive up differs in 15%-25% . For example division Le Jie is provided, the discount that buys at ordinary times is 55 fold, the discount that enters an activity is 75 fold; The discount that scholarly family floor buys at ordinary times is 85 fold, attend an activity not to give dozen fold... .

Many businessmen face so high specified number return profit very helpless also. A salesperson tells a reporter, sell organize the activity that returns ready money, it is to enlarge person discharge greatly. To attract eyeball, the favourable specified number that they decide is spent very big, among them big head should let manufacturer assume, this often lets manufacturer be accepted hard, finally must mark a price rise, assure profit.
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