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The family decorates " surplus material " how to handle (graph article)
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After owner is decorated, can remain some of leftover material that decorate more or less, staying to take a place, threw feel again regrettablly, what is there to need mothbally after be afraid of... so, are these homes installed " surplus material " should stay after all?

Save material to be prevent in case

Save decorating odd material basically is to repair side side part. Because, foundation of a lot of families is decorated after finishing, furniture has not been moved into the room; A lot of adorn if hang a picture to wait to also was not installed,taste. In the process that carry and installs, hard to avoid can appear the knock against of metope and door window frame, if have stuff,reserve at this moment, can repair in time.

With decorate the rest to decorate material to undertake repairing, the chromatism with also may appear certain, but compare with the product photograph that buys afresh, use odd material to undertake repairing can around difference cut to the smallest. Accordingly, saving partial the rest to decorate material appropriately is necessary.

Material is different save a method each different

Change to avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp of the ceramic tile, line that play role to cause color, had better use ceramic tile polybag to had been wrapped respectively with the line that play role, place in dry place. To the floor, generation of easier be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape, color changes, had better use the paper that has effect suction tide to had included the floor so, place in dry place.

Of emulsioni paint save relatively simple, it is OK to after building emulsioni paint bucket building emulsioni paint bucket with cap, be put in shady and cool place, of course you install its fill in sealed container more safe. Consumer should the expiration period of advertent emulsioni paint, the emulsioni paint that add crosses water is in 10 ~ will not be used after 20 days, the emulsioni paint that does not have add water also should be used inside the expiration period. Different emulsioni paint expiration period is different, generally speaking, emulsioni paint can save half an year only after unseal.

Expert proposal: Below conditional circumstance, the adornment material that you can choose to bring facial expression is saved, wait like the ceramic tile, floor, line that play role, emulsioni paint, paint, wait with equipment metope, floor appear after local attaint repair in time. Because, if time became long, buy primary product again, cannot buy same batch and same quality number very likely, so the ceramic tile of date of different pattern, different color, floor, line that play role should save 9 appropriately.

The expert reminds: White emulsioni paint is nonexistent off color problem, because this need not be withheld. But consumer should save all odd coloured emulsioni paint, repair damage lacquer face to be able to reduce off color with emulsioni paint of construction the rest. The emulsioni paint that saves to prevent place is used not quite, consumer returns what should remember coloured emulsioni paint to make up scale, go to the lavatory to buy Qishi to undertake mix colors afresh.
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