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A few item should notice when autumn is decorated (graph article)
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Autumn is the optimal season that decorate, because this seasonal climate is dry, timber is not easy get damp, coating, paint works easily also. But climate is dry also can produce negative effect, because this also wants when autumn is decorated,notice a few item.

Lumber is unfavorable put in ventilated place. Lumber carry is entered after decorating the spot, want to avoid to be put in intake place, otherwise, the water branch inside lumber evaporates quickly, the surface will be weather-shack, appear tiny flaw. To high-grade facing board, be like Ju wood, want to do the processing that seal oil, chain the water inside lumber is divided. With making the wooden line that receives an edge also is same.

Dry in the shade of nature of appropriate of wallpaper, coating. Coating and wallpaper are the commonly used material that act the role of a wall. The summer because air is humid, work as soon as possible to let wall and open the door greatly the window is ventilated breathe freely. Autumn is different, because dry, so wallpaper should be put in water to soak commonly before the shop is stuck, brush glue shop to stick again next. If open the door greatly at this moment window, the wallpaper that lets firm shop had been stuck is blown " draught " , because dehydrate quickly,wallpaper is met and produce systole to be out of shape phenomenon.

Issue of seasonal nature amount is unfavorable fill urgently. Summertime air humidity is big, the moisture content that contains in furniture of wall, ground, woodiness is compared much. After entering autumn, air becomes dry gradually, may alternate because of season at this moment, air temperature, humidity differs and appear a few problems, if wooden floor is contractive, board with board between aperture is increased; Because metope and doorcase belong to phyletic and different capable person to pledge, shrinkage is different, occurrence aperture; Metope occurrence craze... these are belonged to seasonal the normal phenomenon that appears in changeover. Maintain a project to these, do not be eager to repairing. Wall body craze, explain the moisture inside wall body is volatilizing gradually, if be repaired at this moment, when cent waiting for water continues to volatilize, metope still continues likely craze. Should when travel of the reentry below the case with the moisture inside the wall and outside suitable climate is repaired, such effects will be better.