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The woman renting a house that becomes a joy chicly loves a house to should love
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As a girl, or woman, can have a beautiful dream as a child, namely one belongs to him, adornment must resemble the house like princess house. Here, she can have interior solo dance, can grow free flower, this house, need not too big, need not too excessive of a person of extraordinary powers, but must be oneself. Such house, it is the harbour of her body and mind, it is the home that she dreams freely, it is feeling of a kind of a home to return to and the satisfaction that safety feels.

But what little after all little dream illuminates into reality in the life is lucky. In reality, the house just makes us one kind cold get the goods of penetrating coolness, firm firm ground smashed tender feelings dream of the woman.

How to do?

Marry a person against one's will for the house really? Besides, it is so good to there is Qian Renzhen marry? Pure marry for the house, may in that way house still be the warmth in him dream, free resting garden? Can you have kind of feeling that live under another's roof?

Should do Fang Nu? Of income 60% even 80% above hand in a bank. This is meant should be bought less or do not buy the dress, cosmetic, do not do a party, with the sweetheart cannot romantic, to tide turn a blind eye to, everywhere careful calculation and strict budgeting, have more than is needed a few years, this kind of dreariness that catchs line to see front of a garment let you become ash not to sneak away autumn yellow face mother-in-law or, one face is disgraceful the enmity with vicissitudes of life Fu! But, pay off the date that the room shifts or not within the foreseeable future. Auspicious youth, the the best, most precious period in lifetime is used in still borrow this thing to go up!

Blue sky is in on.

Do a wife cannot take things too hard.

Others has a house. People goes doing Fang Nu. I make joy only hire room a group of things with common features.

A kind of mood cries happy-go-lucky, a kind of life calls joy to do advocate, a kind of courage is called his road.

Do not talk a hero with success or failure, the person's experience differs originally. We need not be envied so so called have room a group of things with common features, the choice rents a house, also be the has quality life with comfortable choice, those who choose hide one's capacities and bide one's time bear, choose do according to one's abilities, what lead a gender and be is comfortable true.

Rent a house, can clear away the house so that warmth is permeated with like. Can try different style, practice oneself artistic self-restraint. Experience is accumulated when the house that there is his in order to have in the future. A heart that has deep love for the life can make you elaborate dress up his room. Even if be temporary.