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Landlord of lodger faze adjacent is retreated hire answer ill will group hire
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On October 17, 18 days, our newspaper reported the Sha Qingya below Hangzhou encloseds ground for growing trees continuously " group hire " incident " group hire get into trouble, elegant center water overflows elevator " , intense echo was caused in the reader, be in those who be the same as follower sand especially " Jin Sha institution of higher learning " in the village.

Because suffer likewise group hire a worry, yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock, inside sanded below Hangzhou city village gold sanded institution of higher learning, many 100 live oneself owner gets together was in one case.

As a result of golden sanded institution of higher learning group hire a phenomenon serious, live oneself owner gives counsel in succession, hope utmost reduces baleful and rental phenomenon.

Village 59 4 unit 202 rooms, decorate construction to undertaking in full blast. The 141 houses of smooth rice were broken up 12 rooms, a 8 bedrooms of the left and right sides that make the same score rice are minute of secant with window central line, delimited two rooms, room stricture must put a piece of no less than beds even. The sitting room that does not have daylighting still will be differentiated two bedrooms, space " utilization rate " let person be left speechless with wonder or fear high. "Live by every room a person will calculate get on 12 people, do you say we live in same can corridor set your mind at? " of 202 rooms " decorate " upstairs make downstair neighbour very careladen.

The Fan Nv that lives in 49 person tell a reporter, the unit altogether that she is in 8 other peoples, but now only oneself live oneself, "You look, the window of the balcony of 5 other peoples, Xiang Na was basked in miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous the dress of 8, these are group of tenement. Still two families room has been decorated now, but they dare not move in. But they dare not move in..

Be in charge of statistic according to content, village 1267 resident, at present from resident 231, give tenant 218, still have many 200 house have not consign. From resident and the scale that give tenant had been 1 ∶ 1, according to not complete investigation, the person that hires a room reachs 870 much people, look to had exceeded own owner even from the number.

Of golden sanded institution of higher learning live oneself owner offerred a think of a way: The owner of rental house should restrain a tenement.

Owner people think: "Landlord is the everybody of the house after all, cannot collect rent only, ignore an effect, cannot leave next an awful mess to let live oneself owner bears consequence. Should care the rental circumstance of the house, responsible to the village. Responsible to the village..

Major owner people offer, establish owner record, distinguish approach different owner, owner of normative and rental room -- rent the house to an other people as far as possible, the person that perhaps chooses to hnow through and through is rental; Persuade group lease owner -- mix in rental house obligation all should choose when choosing lodger, is not be indifferent to sth, and be opposite undertake restraining into the behavior renting a settle or live in a strange place that live, if hire what customer behavior sufferred other owner to complain, this should let hire a guest to retreat after checking hire.
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