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After be found out and brought to justice unexpectedly as usual is away on offic
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The be murdered in woman home is discovered after 3 days

On August 26 15 when make, substation of public security of Nanchang west lake receives woman of one abundant city to report a case to the security authorities, call its the be murdered in the home of garden of Yu Longyun of cousin v/arc be on the throne. Receive alarm hind, punishment detect policeman is driven go to the spot, reside the female cadaver that discovers a height is cankered inside a house owned by a citizen in this village. Via surveying knowledge, the dead's Chen Mou this year 33 years old, it is the house-owner of the place housing, fasten person of Jiangxi abundant city, be in Guangdong with its husband before one's death deal. On August 13, chen Mou returns prosperous from Shenzhen alone, the information that rent a house is released on the advertisement column of village doorway, prepare to rent the place building. On August 23, chen Mou loses connection suddenly with family, far the watch elder sister that relegates abundant city in the husband of Guangdong asks about a message. When Chen Mou's watch elder sister looks for the discovery after locksmith opens the door, chen Mou dies already. Via appraisal of legal medical expert, dead time of Chen Mou is 3 days ago, be by strangle of person curb neck.

The dead has received doubtful telephone call before one's death

After case hair, 4 squadron establish detect of punishment of substation of west lake public security quickly case group spreads out detect the job, decide will bear the staff that hires Chen Mou housing launchs investigation as key direction. Case group policeman is in of the dead's mobile phone communicate the discovery in the record, on August 23 that day, chen Mou ever had received a doubtful public telephone call, via checking, this telephone number is Nanchang 100 flowers continent road the phone supermarket by one small hostel is all.

Then, policeman instantly the member that counterproposal sends around to appear in the person of going from place to place of hostel spreads out a platoon to check. Via visitting, an Anhui book man enters police line of vision, this man enters hotel from June 2006, after with the dead Chen Mou will be contacted on August 23, retreat a room to leave Nanchang hastily, case constituent analyse thinks this person has suspicion of case of serious your work, spread out to its instantly chase.

Nanchang police a thousand li is chased after fierce arrest a suspect

Via investigating understanding, the suspect is Anhui person, but its still have one to be in housing in Jiangsu Li in relief city, specific whereaboutldirection is unidentified. Late on August 27, flounder of case group policeman car of 3 provinces, drive is close after 1000 kilometers, discover the suspect has appeared in Jiangsu Li this world eventually. Morrow afternoon 5 when make, hide to be seized in the suspect inside some village abode. Classics dash forward careful understanding, this man is surnamed to, this year 28 years old, it is Nanjing the clerk of factory of some education instrument, be in charge of the product sale of Jiangxi area.
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