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To make prospective life more hopeful 8 years old baby hires a room to go to sch
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Zhou Yi was controlled at 5 o'clock afternoon everyday to Zhou Wu, the market with only native place of Ban Ren of county of Guizhou Province Luo Dian has a special setting on the road -- small to 78 years old, the children that arrive 945 years old greatly crouch in street edge, or clean out rice to wash dish, or make a fire cook. Smoke from kitchen chimneys rises from simple and easy kitchen, diffused to make a market.

"Occasion very ' grand ' . " An Wei of assistant officer of class benevolence country says.

On October 16 in the morning at 7 o'clock, a few students of school of center of Ban Ren country are cooking

3 grade reach these elementary school junior high school the children of 3 grade, it is the student of school of center of class benevolence country. Collect pasture county is county of national level poverty, this whole country is over exclusively Xiaohe junior high school, build dormitory building without money.

As a result of danger of hill high road, many 400 live too far in the farmer home that the student can lease only. They are weekly 5 come home afternoon, weekly day is carrying the rice of a week, bavin, oil and dish on the back afternoon, and 35 yuan living cost returns country.

In the 10 many children that the reporter enquires randomly, live farthermostly should take route of hill of two many hours.

The Liu Wenyu of 5 grade student that lives in Jin Xiangcun and land red Ni and other in a when 3 girls live in alleyway farming rooms. In the house that makes an appointment with 923 square metre in this, placed two pieces of beds, still spread a shakedown. What fill up below bed and shakedown is straw, the sheet that weaves with local hand-woven cloth is built again above.

There is a quilt on the shakedown that Liu Danni sleeps. Should be asked about " when why doing not have a quilt " , this emaciated girl lowers her head not language. Because lack nutrition for a long time, height of land red Ni is less than 1. 2 meters.

Two nail are nailed toward the wall, a string is pulled among, it is the girl people clothes tree. Liu Wenyu has a wooden case that takes a lock, but she says, what install inside is bavin.

In the foot of a wall of edge window a side, one word discharges respective boiler kitchen, chopping block and pail. Everyday, the big glue bucket that Liu Wenyu and land red Ni want to make an appointment with half meters with the diameter, carry to the side of the conduit of many meters of 20 above water come back.

Because cook, it is with water inside house, in the house very damp. Every child the chummage of every semester is 90 yuan.

They eat a meal at 78 o'clock every morning, go attending class next, afternoon at 4 o'clock after school, redo, do not have a meal midday.

Every meal boils green vegetables only, also can have occasionally fry aubergine and so on. On October 16 this day of market day that is home village or town, the doorway is fleshy booth, but only every weeks the Liu Wenyu of 34 yuan of living cost says, she never has bought the flesh to eat.
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