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Angst affects the psychology of slave of happy index room, still be inferior to
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Fang Nu's token

Fang Nu, just as its name implies became the slave of the house namely, because buy a house,assuming overweight loan pressure. Some website is newest an investigation shows, have 91. The person of 1 % bought a room to use mortgage. This group is mortgaged a group of things with common features in, have 31. The person of 75 % , the month offers the 50 % above that took its income.

A lot of mortgage the person that buys a house to profess to be " snail " gens. There is a house on their body, enjoying a lot of psychology such as high pay, white-collar, gens having a house to comfort while, also bearing " one day does not work, can be abandoned by the world " mental weigh, life quality drops greatly: Dare not change the job easily, not dare recreation, travel, fear the bank goes up breath, concern falls ill, unemployed, do not have time to enjoy the life well more.

The person psychology of 98% generates angst sentiment

An investigation shows, our country is as high as 98. 09% backs have the person that the room borrows, mentally can generate angst sentiment. Sociologist points out, what room slave phenomenon appears is a kind of society risk that is worth vigilance, did not make room slave psychology ill reduce us of whole society " happy index " .

Beijing stable hospital the 4th ill area advocate treat doctor Doctor Liu to say: "Of the person that buy a house still borrow time to be as long as 10 years, 20 years, even 30 years, the person that majority buys a house can arise more or less psychological problem. " the kid that crowd characteristic much hair reachs 35 years old at 22 years old. Dr. Sun Yuxiao introduces, because the room is borrowed and still appear of the psychological problem such as bemused, confused, angst, depression " Fang Nu " , basic it is 22 years old of kid that come 35 years old. It is college firm graduate or doctoral graduation mostly, this age paragraph the crowd likes to contend for strong emulative, happy event welcomes to accept a challenge. This part person finds new job the most easily before, but because buy a house,dare not find new job easily however. Because buy room hind, they need to assure to still be borrowed with steady income, they feel their economy is abrupt and nervous, cannot live like optional in that way before ground again and consume.

Psychology of the person that buy a house bears ability is poorer

"Now the youth of 35 years old of less than is to go up century the singleton that 70 time are born female, whether do these youths have the viability that lifts debt to get along? Generally speaking the ability that they live independently is poorer, grow basic it is plain sailing, had not experienced a setback, psychology bears ability is poorer also. Accordingly, encounter a bit disturbance or life incident when them, can appear more or less problem of a few psychology. " Dr. Sun Yuxiao points out, if they do not have this economy capacity and enough psychology,bear ability, so be about to bear when facing a risk more negative psychology elements, this element changes their life contrail and current situation likely, its psychology is in easily inferior health or disease state.
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