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Chengdu weak Fu suffers murderous scheme. The room is hired to open store inside
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Controlled at 8 o'clock 17 days night, the Chengdu City double shed a county to counteract a town, inside markets of 3 He Jinhua building materials " Jin Dian floor " inn came off work, when lady of merchant the Tang Dynasty is preparing to pull down a rolling door, suddenly a knives was in from back wearing on the neck. After the cash that reaves Ms. Tang body to go up and bank get stuck, a person harmful to the country and people unexpectedly painful next killer, connect disclose to Ms. Tang 5 knives, ms. Tang that suffers serious injury still is in a hospital to treat at present, police already launched investigation to this matter. To this, the businessman inside the market is initiated jointly also, demand market control just provides cogent security measure.

The businessman writes down proposal jointly

Female merchant is grabbed when put up the shutters by disclose 5 knives

Yesterday midday, be in bright and beautiful China inside building materials market " Jin Dian floor " inside shop, there still is full of stains or spots bloodstain on the floor. The copartner week gentleman of Ms. Tang says the person that hurt, controlled at 8 o'clock 17 days night, ms. Tang is preparing to close next, just should pull down a rolling door in her when, was in small knife wearing on the neck. "Forbid to cry, the money that gets on the body is taken. " in cateran threatening below, ms. Tang took out hundreds of yuan of only Qian Heyin on the body to get stuck all right. However, cateran did not give up at this point, face Ms. Tang of bare-handed, he connects disclose to her again actually 5 knives, cause the place such as Ms. Tang head, abdomen and knee to get hurt badly. Subsequently, cateran flee in panic.

Ms. Tang that suffers serious injury bears pang by force, run shop cries greatly help. "I see her all over the body is blood at that time, dodder along ground runnings to me before, say to me she was hit by the thief, next dizzy in the past. " the summerly young lady that adjoining business spreads tells a reporter, the merchant around hears voice and come, dialed 110, hasten send summerly lady toward counteract town hospital.

The businessman carries a proposal to want management to just enhance security

Still stay inside shop have full of stains or spots bloodstain

After the accident, the merchant inside the market signed a proposal jointly yesterday, demand market control just takes step, the management that protects them is safe. The Liu Dajie of management Li Bangqi says, the safety of this market returns loath justifiable previously, but it is the closest period of time, the shop inside the market is produced from time to tome by pilfer incident. "Be in not long ago, the computer of our inn also was given to steal by thief. The computer of our inn also was given to steal by thief..
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