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"Wei elder brother " oneself sets a lab to be pointed to to make drugs he says i
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"I did not violate crime, do scientific research however, main goal is made namely ' Wei elder brother ' , when you catch me, I differ a working procedure to achieve a goal only, thinking method captures last technical crisis ah... " yesterday, guilty suspect Jiang Genchuan by continous this world 3 counties public security bureau with " carriage drugs crime " carry out arrest, it is before this when the trial, the liquid ice poison that he weighs to police discovers all the time is science " raw material " , not be the evidence of a crime that peddle poison.

Be mysterious! Car not flameout doubt seems staking case

This year on April 2, 3 counties public security bureau receives masses to call the police say, in Gu Jing town road edge discovers brand-new the high-grade car that does not have license plate, engine not flameout already stayed one day and night, and the sky inside the car does not have one person. Police hurries to the spot, discover this value door of car of cropland imperial crown did not lock up 40 much abundant, a few Zhang Baiyuan money and circuit heal glue scattered inside railroad car, police begins to suspect is staking hostage case. Very fast, a discovery makes the nerve of police high-strung rise: There are two bottles of very doubtful coffee liquids and BH test paper in end compartment. Case detect policeman instantly the assay in bureau of doubtful coffee liquid recapture, the result shows, doubtful liquid is " ice is poisonous " , the capacity in two bottle is 880 grams.

The course visits around masses, the information that an eyewitness provides causes police to pay close attention to. This mysterious car parks suddenly on April 1 afternoon in roadside, the car stops firm, see driving a person on the seat pushs door, holding box of paper of a white in the arms to make off at once, back-to-back move came down again from the car two boys, chase after closely do not abandon...

Coincidence! Be saved to rise to make just about by card sewer disrelish

Very fast, police discovered in the car plain the plate of × of AU2 × × , the host that finds him whether let details of a case the whole thing comes to light? Case group checks plate to investigate its host to Chengdu instantly. Be informed via check, have plain the car of plate of × of AU2 × × advocate be called Jiang Genchuan, sichuan 3 counties person, this person was gone to from 3 change in August 2007 the Chengdu City is new area Ma Jiazhen, strung door female daughter-in-law. Police basis finds Jiang Genchuan about information live, some introduces its wife bell, jiang Genchuan is outer deal, come home rarely, also do not know his trace at present. Jiang Genchuan is suspected of peddling poison, have great suspicion, 3 police include his instantly chase after on the net escape.
Just when handle a case,personnel is investigated in Chengdu periphery, when affliction cannot find suspect Jiang Genchuan, the thing of cannot help laughing making a person happened. On September 13, police station of sanded river source of public security bureau of area of Taurus of the Chengdu City transmits a message, jiang Genchuan of suspect of the order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large on the net already was seized accidentally by them, go taking a person rapidly. Handle a case according to Taurus area public security bureau policeman introduction, at that time, after the excessive of Jiang Genchuan drug taking that escapes to Chengdu illusory, distrustful somebody is chased after kill him, absentminded in get into sanded river head of Chengdu Taurus division some plant area hides inside one sewer. After hiding nearly 8 hours, jiang Genchuan regained consciousness, right now him discovery is placed in a stone to seam in, cannot move, cry for help outwards aloud then. Around masses calls the police appeal, after its are rescued, the policeman that did not think of police station of sanded river source of Taurus area public security bureau will be investigated, discovered doubtful point, get online check, the person that is helped so is the Jiang Genchuan of the suspect that peddle poison of the order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large on the net, inform 3 police general of its to send under escort is answered immediately then examine.
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