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Take what evening party the ex-wife son that I suffer from a life then
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Now, "Sweetheart " already very few someone said this word, but whole in telling about a process, han Feng (alias) the wife that weighs oneself all the time (say strictly, now already is not his jural wife, however ex-wife) for " my sweetheart " . He holds to this very persistently. He says he is more traditional man.

Han Feng's appearance also is medium of the quadrature in compasses, arrive from hairstyle dress, what show him everywhere is rigorous, inside collect.

A pair of green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse

I and my sweetheart were known from 10 years old, we are same the children of a factory courtyard, two lie between 100 Mi Yuan only. It is us only two family circumstances differs very far, her father the length that in those days is one factory, and my father is in I a year old many when died, leave mother and me to depend on each other only, of orphan few mother, day nature is hard.

Our elementary school, junior high school classmate, until on high school just parts. After high school graduates, she took native place a very good unit works; On my take an examination ofing Wuhan a key university.

University 4 years, our swan goose sends a book, love is gemmiparous in two popular feeling, blossom.

1994, my college graduate answered home town, return us again that yard, the sweetheart that can think of night to want with him day eventually was together. Her home does not agree with us to be together stoutly at first, the reason is two family circumstances disparate. I go back before long, her father rises for some bureau director, we two distance is farther.

But she should marry me stoutly, 1995, we married.

From at the beginning, I am put to her heart appreciate, what she pays for me is too much. The following day, what I owe her is increasing, deeper and deeper also to her ashamed regret and the affection that be thankful.
I am not the husband of become a useful person

We marry before long, the works that I am in fell, I became worker of come off sentry duty, and my sweetheart has very good job, I feel I became her burden, very I am sorry she. Then, my all day long thinks deal earns bit of money. When she conceives the child, this kind of my opinion is stronger and stronger, I am man, mother-in-law of responsible provide for the aged and child.

At this moment, the uncle of my sweetheart invites my partnership to do cotton to buy the business, I agree willingly, cast tens of thousands of yuan of Qian Jin. Knowing is really false, the uncle says the business had a deficit, tens of thousands of yuan of my money hit water to float, to now, went 10 years, money also did not want to come back.

That paragraph of time, was to suffer from my sweetheart really, she is holding out pregnant to run to run, try from her should come back money over there the uncle. The first time go into business is in business with respect to choke water, I feel I am very incompetent, but if she grouses one sentence, had not said.
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