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We are spent in all " terrified " the happy days that hire closes when strong fi
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Optimistic girl did my roommate

Till the year before last year, I just ended to hire the day of the room eventually. Impression is the deepest is to rent a house for the last time, that is in the country near trade. Although chummage is very expensive, but at me character, because the job lives to go to the lavatory,be merely, because I am a person that cherishs time, much give me one minute to be able to conceive the three unities.

Every business that after day work ends, I do at most mixes BBS namely. Abrupt one day, I am in the card that some sees one appeals in large forum, a word wrote only above: A female undergraduate of strong finish school begs a same sex urgently to close hire. See ID again, it is my very familiar girl unexpectedly, she is: Ride a pig to see a moon, I call her Zhu Zhu. Because Zhu Zhu has seen twice on the forum party before, she is optimistic and lively lovely do not break composed disposition to leave very deep impression to me again. And because too ripe, we often still are in one case in BBS make merry. Nevertheless in those days, zhu Zhu still is an undergraduate. Now, she graduated, began to apply for a job, need is searched close hire associate. Do not know to stem from what reason, this optimistic girl is affecting my heart suddenly. Because I also am the woman of a the sort of hardship when ever experiencing strong finish school, I once was in by best classmate even the late night drove the door out of because of the arrival of male friend me at 12 o'clock. I think of the sort of alone helpless, reveal bright red Zhu Na's lovely smile with respect to float at the moment. Then, I leave a message in Zhu Zhu's card rapidly, let she and me contact.

I think, my this leave a message casually meeting disappear forever, and, in the job of nervous business, I also forgot this thing. Want, when I rest everyday, be to mix each BBS, I should reply how many card, then, I forget Zhu Zhu's thing right-down.

After a week, I and two friends that be close friends eat dinner, abrupt, my mobile phone rang, a new phone code is hit, I put through, the phone transmits to be familiar with already directly then new sound: 77, hello, I am Zhu Zhu. In the phone, I listen to come out Zhuzhu is very careful, she is to exploring approximately whether am I willing to close with her really after all hire, after the affirmation that gets me replies, zhuzhu is very excited. I let her move my home the following day.
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Zhu Zhu guards against no longer I

Then, zhu Zhu is lived in in me fell. Just began a few days, zhu Zhu is very at odds, do everything cautious, for fear that does not take care I can say her. And because before be, we are all the time,be familiar with in BBS, stranger is almost in the life, so, zhu Zhu still is having to guard against to me psychology. No matter where does she walk along, where does the metropolis including a package that carries follow, bathe repeatedly, bag bag is put in what leave her closer and the place that can hear any sound. At that time, I can't help can'ting help laughing. But I am clear, want to let others believe you, above all you are about to believe others. Then, I very naturally puts a few goods of my privacy in former, I also do not change any detail because of Zhu Zhu's arrival painstakingly, because I know, we are knowing the other side attentively in these detail.
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