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Zhangzhou lone bandit stuck posing as "soy sauce" filled with stolen goods re
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This time, if not the glasses out, 500 degrees of myopia, he was trapped into a dead end, and surrounded by a group of people, he might escape again. Each crime, he loner, never cliques. Forced open the door, he local materials, go first to a big bag to hold things, and then packaged inside stolen property. Arrested after being escorted back to his rent, he reminded the police to bring some more people. One to rent, police on the most perplexing, is only 10 square meters of rented room, arrayed thousands of pieces of stolen goods worth over 200,000 yuan involved. At present, the suspects have been XingJu Zhangmou Hua, this is his "six palace." Act I: Thieves hit tracks revealed myopia thief trapped alley owner 18 at 7 pm, Qiu Licheng District Gurong Lane's wife came home, saw the outside of the gates were forced open, unlatched the door inside. "Oh, there are thieves!" Qiu couple rushed into the room, one saw a black male wearing glasses, is something built into a large bag, the room was a mess has been turned. Black men to see people, shocked, and wanted to run, blocked by the couple. Unexpectedly, the black man wielded fist, after the two men wounded, put on the stolen getaway. Couple while the police, while chasing out, cry out to the neighbors for help. Alley, his wife and Zhonglin Ju Qiu, together with black men chase. Heavy black men put the stolen goods, do not run fast. Confusion, he also ran away glasses. High myopia, he loitering wild guesses, ran into a dead end. At this time, black men have mounted a big bag of stolen goods thrown away, holding only carrying a computer bag. We heard people shouting "thief," the voice is getting closer, run away, he has listed the black coat off, going to steal it. But Qiu couple arrived, or recognized him, we immediately surrounded him. Police quickly arrived on the scene, the black man under control. Act II: 21 years of partnership, not a loner "Five palace" Black men were arrested after the call at first pretended to Wang, but after the police inquiry, no such person. Later, his body through a telephone bill, the police only found in black male named Zhang Mouhua, Zhejiang Jinhua people, 40 years old this year, there have been many previous convictions since 1989, he has five for theft crime and prison. Over the years, most of the time he spent in prison. And the general habitual theft difference is that Zhang Mouhua do not like cliques, gang crime, and like a loner. Each crime, he only filled with a variety of back picklock computer bag, looking for goals, as long as the door with a padlock, and Zhang Mouhua found this to no one, boldly pry the lock broken. Into another home, he was not first find valuables, but find someone to be able to hold things big bag or suitcase. Make the best of luggage ready, he saw what you came for. After get to strut away. Interestingly, Zhang Mouhua crime but does not drive, as heavy as desktop computers, he also is into the bag, walk Linzou. In this way, he was in Quanzhou in the same way, dozens of crime. The investigation, Zhang Mouhua to steal for a living, incorrigible, not only the theft of other people money, but also in his use of multiple identities within the rental, as well as the false diploma of a university in Zhejiang. Certificate, is Zhang Mouhua photos posted, but using a false name. Now, he faces a "six-palace" embarrassment. Act III: full of thousands of stolen goods called the police and more with some renters who move "With the point, take us to a place where you live." The process of investigation, Zhang Mouhua been reluctant to take police to his residence. After some education, he finally agreed. Before leaving, investigators sent a squadron of only three civilian police. "You'd better call the two people." Zhang Mouhua made a strange request, was to enable the police puzzled. Zhang Mouhua rental housing, located in Quanzhou East Lake Street. Went into the rent, the police were surprised to find that this is only 10 square meters single room, actually more than 20 bags full of large and small these are Zhangmou Hua stolen loot. Preliminary estimates, the number of stolen goods over a thousand pieces. Until this point, we suddenly realized Zhang Mouhua Interpol is worried that too many things, few people a bad move. The inventory of stolen goods in these desktop computers, notebook computers, camcorders, cameras, gold and silver jewelry and antiques, as well as numerous ID cards, bank cards. Police handling the case said that some small pieces, and expensive to sell stolen goods have been suspect, and now is only part of the seized. According to police estimates, the case involving more than 200,000 yuan. So many stolen goods, are Zhang Mouhua one stolen.