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Anderson purchased 98 sets of low-rent housing Huimin
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This year, Anda to effectively solve the low-income families without housing, housing difficulties, subsistence allowances for non-agricultural household help families, poor families low-income workers, families without housing, the implementation of urban low-rent housing Huimin initiatives. Invested 8.24 million yuan to buy 98 housing units with a total area of 6121.94 square meters, used to solve the housing problems of low-income families without housing. These low-cost housing is located in the Daqing Petroleum Institute, two former South wall, west cattle Road, adjacent to the Garden District mansion, and South Loop 200 meters apart, convenient transportation, the environment elegant, warm and comfortable, is a leisure and entertainment in one of the more functional area, where low-income urban families achieve the dream of a room to live. Another Waste Management so that people will the benefits, feel the warmth. The city housing security measures based on the lowest income families and urban low-rent housing management approach, combined with practical, to develop a "low-rent housing for Anda, review, publicity, waiting approach", to facilitate healthy and orderly conduct of the work to form the effective management of the whole social supervision mechanism, set up a leading group for low-rent housing, Price Bureau held a "low-rent housing price hearings" to determine the low-rent housing prices, the monthly price of 0.90 yuan per square meter, leased to the city poor houseless families.