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Guangzhou small size of the rental market traded extremely strong in cold
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Co-rich home transaction data, the second control policies by the impact of real estate this year, in October, Guangzhou Center for six of 60 sq m area of the small size units, decreased the overall volume of 10%, down one as much, but Prices rise, not fall, second-hand sale and purchase transaction price was 12,592 yuan / m2, chain or 1%, an increase of about 10%. Said the Department of the Central Plains real estate market, affected by the policy even if that source reduction of small units, but no property owners to sell Small size of the property, but the situation is not common for Letting. The face of cover plate owners reluctant sellers, set the source shortage of small units, district fluctuations in property prices and their prices vary. According to the Central Plains real estate secondary transaction data, Liwan District, days River District and Haizhu decreased greatly, decreased by 60%, 50% and 34%, leasing transactions Center Region VI chain rose 5%. Experts suggested that small size type buyers can choose from a number of live life support are available from the Closer to the property from the workplace in order to save the cost of living. This edition text / Chart: Reporter Wang Wenqian Haizhu: from residents and investors with the looting, "housing reform" Mr. Yao had just sold a set last week in the road, Haizhu District, 61 square meters Xiaogang housing reform, houses, low rate of return on the grounds that the rent and worried that a few years this 20-year-old housing reform on the hybrid structure "selling less than good The price. "Paying back the principal hand, the Yao immediately received by the hands from the buyer 53 million, plus their 12 million deposit from the hands of an investment-oriented owners to purchase a 72 square meters of housing reform framework room. "Although the new Age does not buy the house a short, but I do not intend to hold long term. Academy of Fine Arts is now rented out to students, monthly 2,500 yuan, stable policies, this house will be able to sell high. " In the old city, such as Yao housing reform aimed at investors and a lot of room. Impact of limited credit, Haizhu District, but investors are more concerned about the small size units. According to the German branch Xierong Xiao Cheng described the West Bank, Newport, Newport West in the attached Small apartment near the market's relative lack of disk sources, many customers to find the total price of several hundred thousand dollars, or 2,000 yuan per month from 1000 to the small size units, the case of short supply in the market, buyers and tenants looking for a small heart size Water House Disk may spend mind. Milky Way: to purchase for rent, rental hot Hop Fu Liang Yanming home marketing analysis, 10 months there have been some owners sold for rent, and some of the property rental lease due to re-enter the market, so Tianhe District, a relatively abundant source of rental disc, while the white-collar workers, businessmen and other tenants Qiuzu And a small budget of less than the prospective buyers to purchase for rent, so that by the end of the rental market more active. The disk re-enter the rental market, some owners will rent 100 to 200 yuan / room. Centaline Chenshao Yuan pointed out that "the days of Hebei section eighty percent of the small units are basically sold with the lease, so after the owners reluctant to sell, set the source and not into the rental market. While the rental market, the wait and money tight Zhang buyers from buy into Qiuzu, 7-8 months lease as the peak of the source disk has a lot of digestion, the current market rental source disk are not many rental corresponding also increase. Some of the original monthly rent of 2200 yuan in 2000 to a Housing units, there has been increased to 2200 ~ 2600 yuan / month. " Chen Shaoyuan suggested holding the hands of multiple sets of property owners, could be considered a longer lifespan, lower quality properties for sale, the current high property prices, property prices would be more ideal. Cash funds, the sub-purchase a set of old Shorter, the better the quality of the property, whether occupied or investment, preservation and appreciation of space was relatively large. Yuexiu: Owners busy cover plate, make a short lease It is understood, Yuexiu District, real estate owners affected by the small size of the New Deal, have been reluctant sellers cover plate, would prefer to buildings for rent. The Old City real estate due to traffic, degree, their prices are ranked high, there whereabouts of the rental situation. Germany Cheng Fu-based branch line, said summer into Korea by the New Deal affected the small size of rent increases, Yuexiu District, 30% to 50%, "while inflation, consumer price index down a heavier burden on the tenant." For owners of small apartment is now the release site, or continue to hold, that depends on the owners of summer pass toward the individual needs to see if they need to turn to where the funds. "It is watching the market period, it is recommended that the owners see as an intermediary Individual needs of its decision. "Co-rich home gold branch Chen Tiejun proposals, such as owners of small units on hand, consider the short rental market, because now the Canton Fair, Asian Games and other stimuli, short buoyant rental market transactions, and the small size Demand for larger, longer rent short lease rental income is larger, so you can take the opportunity to earn substantial rental income. Liwan: owner-occupied sales sublet much more Centaline PENG Jian, said the New Deal, a number of wards of the owners had intended to choose reluctant sellers, which is particularly evident Fangcun plate owners. "These are the basic units held by owners of small and medium size properties, the original play Operators will be on hand properties for sale, buy some better quality units. Since the purchase of and exchange of building costs, had to shelve the exchange of building plans, small apartment on the market set the source decreased. " According to industry analysts, the New Deal after the market plunged off small units to join in, including a larger proportion of investors reduced. This part of the property held by the owners of capital are relatively abundant, lack of consumer confidence saw the market, rather Cover plate reluctant sellers willing to wait and see the market outlook. PENG Jian also pointed out that the small size of the rental market increased by about 5% of the source disk, because the majority owners to their own homes, sale of sublease is not much. Reporter observed: buyers become owners smiling Tenant The purchase of that one, so many first home buyers to adjust or delay the purchase plan. Originally intended to buy a small apartment occupied households will look to 80 to 100 square meters of medium-sized units, in order to "step." The small town that Units will be subject to shocks, may be present is still under rigid demand for small units, owners are reluctant sellers have, put down disk volume due to reduced volume, small apartment prices increase. The "cover plate" owners have chosen to "sell sublet" is not Many buyers of small units with limited financial resources were diverted to the rental market as a new tenant. Once the rendezvous of old and new tenants, rental demand will increase, savvy owners a glimpse of them profitable, the rent prices go up homeopathy. Small size of the total price is not high, the hands have the money and investors can no longer loan terms, a small piece of cake, naturally can not be missed. Secondary residential market from the current point of view, whether buyers or tenants, have to put disk and leasing The owners of "cheerful." After several rounds of policy adjustment, the buyer purchase of mental become more mature, and for "buying a house" has long been aware of. Rising from the monthly rent is not difficult to infer that the tenant base is expanding, although not precisely distinguish between the number of buyers from the ranks of "quit" over, but the new tenant in the affirmative and ultimately, the future buyers. Its Qiaojiannaodai Do "house slaves", it would hold out to rent, maybe some frustration, but their conditions are not in compliance, the rent'd present a wise choice.