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Suffering from low-rent housing not honest is more unequal distribution
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Linhai City, launched the "one dollar low-rent housing" after, it was considered good, that this model should be across the country; but there are many people doubted that the local government in the show. I believe that we need not overly concerned about this is Not in the show, even if the local government is in this show, I think this show hand, the more the better. Since the low-rent housing initially it was the housing difficulties of urban low-income families, as long as the government's financial resources afford, Low-cost rental housing be cheaper too. The larger problem faced by low-cost housing is not rent. In recent years, many local low-cost housing construction sour aliasing, in quality, size, distribution, and so face many awkward. Rent low-rent housing in some areas, property Industry, transportation expensive, "low cost housing is not cheap," so a lot of low-rent housing for low-income people as "tasteless" or even forced to abandon rent. In addition, some low-rent housing privileges of civil servants, the crowd became patent, and numerous The "sandwich class" group is not entitled to government housing support. The existence of these phenomena, so we have to re-examine the low-rent housing system, Huimin character. And other places "low cost housing is not cheap" compared to the reality, sea launched the "one dollar low cost housing" really reflects the feelings of emotional ties to the people's livelihood, should be affirmed. However, there can really enjoy the "one dollar low-rent housing" The family was only 40 households, therefore, "one dollar low cost housing" currently only has news value, and the community has little significance. A healthy society should be a "olive" society. Need "one dollar low-rent housing," the group Body, after all, very few of society, to solve the housing problems of this part of the family, nature is the minimum required power for the people. The large number of the "sandwich class" group of how to solve the housing difficulties, is the measure of a place The level of housing support the fundamental symbol. Priority is to ensure that only 40 sets of low-rent housing, to really meet the conditions assigned to the real hands of people in need, and will not be eroded privileged families and relationships. Suffering from low-rent housing "not honest", but also inequality. Although shrouded in the "low cost housing" on the "shadow" a lot, but as long as guarantee fair, open and fair, "low cost housing" or to the "sunshine" in the walk down.