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Construction started in Sichuan built public rental housing lease may not be sol
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Land, fiscal, financial and many other policy support, the construction of housing can only lease, not sell

Reporter from the September 29 public rental housing across the province working meeting was informed that the province started the

construction of public rental. This year, the province's investment 5-600000000 yuan building 12,000 units of public rental housing, will be

in the land, taxation, finance, and provide policy support.

Land and Resources Department said, according to public rental housing development planning and the annual construction plan, the province of

public rental housing construction sites into unified annual land supply plan, focusing on the protection of public rental housing

construction land supply. Government investment in public rental housing construction project, the implementation of the allocation of

construction land supply. Investment in other forms of public rental housing, construction land can be used to sell, lease, or price of

shares, etc. compensation for the use. In line with the planning under the premise of the organs, enterprises and institutions of idle

factories, warehouses, offices and other non-residential buildings and idle land, legally approved for alteration or renovation of public

rental housing.

Provincial Department of Finance said on public rental housing construction and operation of tax benefits granted in accordance with state

regulations, administrative fees involved and the governmental funds, affordable housing in accordance with the relevant policy

implementation. At the same time free of land revenue. Provincial government will form through Yijiangdaibu, protection of local public

rental housing subsidies given to certain funds.

Chengdu Branch of the People's Bank revealed that the increase of public rental housing construction and operation of project support.

It is noteworthy that the province for public rental housing land supply, the need to rent levels, dwelling structure, conditions,

construction standards and facilities as pre-conditions for the supply of land and included in transfer (lease) contracts or the allocation

decision, while expressly agreed by the construction of rental housing only, not sold.