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Sichuan Province will invest several hundred million dollars this year, 1.2 mill
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(Reporter reporter Chenfei Yan Wang on behalf of the forest practice) the province will invest 500 million yuan this year, -6 billion to build 12,000 units of public rental housing. September 29, journalists from the province's public meeting on the work of rental housing, the province started the construction of public rental housing, and strive to achieve significant results within three years. Vice Governor Huang Yanrong attended the meeting.

Public rental housing is provided by the government preferential policies, limited protection of objects, limited leasing standards to help the city lower-middle income families and other eligible residents, through the lease to resolve the basic problems of an affordable housing rental housing.

The protection of public rental housing in our province targets middle-income urban housing problems, new employees and have a stable career employment and living in the city's migrant workers a certain number of years. Protection methods and rental subsidies to Shiwupeizu combination of housing through new construction, renovation, acquisition, leasing in the market a variety of ways to raise long-term, low-cost housing availability in the country to meet the demand for low-cost housing security object, after law approval, but also to protect the object of public rental housing for rent.