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The person that Chengdu building city enters " to show room times " to buy a hou
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"Times showing a house " after the topic is rolled out last week, cause industry to stimulate argue instantly, also cause collective of the person that buy a house to discuss greatly at the same time, in the investigation showing a house that rolls out in some website, more than most probably the person that buy a house expresses, showing a house is the best method of risk of control of instantly building city. Many person that buy a house also point out, the accurate idea showing a house that develops business to be hit below sale pressure partly, still be a kind of stunt only actually. The person that additionally a few buy a house expresses, show a room to there should be certain privilege on the price.

   Showing a house definitely should not be stunt only

"Had better be actually after having property right, make work in order to show a house into be on sale, such consumer ability see the case of the house quite actually. But very much now so called show a house, just sell badly because of development business, was about to show ability to sell so. " the netizen says so. The reporter also discovers in interview, because many projects sell pressure, hit in succession show a house definitely or show room idea, but time of true orthogonality room is in however half an year even after a year, this kind of circumstance still is absent a few.

Relevant trade public figure is analysed, on real significance now room and show a house definitely, should be main body project is finished, had made room or the property that are about to make a room, this kind of project to buying a house person, reduced the risk of project sodden end.

   Without public praise safeguard period room will lose the market

One ever is bought expire the person buy a house of the room is announced on the net, buy period room to will face risk of a few gale: Cannot see in kind, discovery of the meeting when true orthogonality room and development business at the outset the description has difference; The time that wait is very long, during this even oneselfRent a houseChild live, increase every yearRent a houseCost thousands of yuan; Because be period room, often must pay close attention to the plan of the house, often want concern to be able to have quality problem; The time that make a room is not affirmatory, meet 5.12 earthquakes for instance, letter of development business hair says the likelihood adjourns a month makes a room, specific time informs separately, kill so that decorate time to also decide hard...

The person that buy a house thinks generally, a variety of malpractice may bring about period room to lose the market gradually in prospective building city. But still many person that buy a house are analysed rationally, this kind of circumstance may be more on the development business body that appears in the part to do not have brand safeguard and character to assure, and a few have inside countrywide limits approbate higher degree, the development business that the project is approbated by the market is developed on the history, still can have better vivosphere.
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