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Increase meaning of construction of safeguard sex housing to be protected in " a
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The State Council that held recently is standing the conference, when arrangement deploy the four seasons spends economy to work, premier Wen Jiabao makes known his position clearly to two of estate market to cause the market to guess. The conference puts forward, want to increase safeguard sex housing to construct scale, reduce housing to trade tax cost, supportive dweller buys a house. The following day, when housing and Chou Baoxing of undersecretary of ministry of urban and rural construction respond to local government to help city measure, say, each district government is in the adjusting control respect of estate market " capable responsible also the choice that makes a few policy go up " , state current housing and ministry of urban and rural construction are observing effect of the policy tendercy of each city and policy closely, "Proper when the opinion that can take out a standard. "Proper when the opinion that can take out a standard..

For a short while, the personage inside course of study thinks almost, one comes from in the center of the policy of estate untie a person of class ministries and commissions already be vividly portrayed. Estate trades tax cost is adjusted and 2 flatlet borrow limitation " release what is held " the policy field that makes the most possible breakthrough. And less expert is forecasted sensitively, round of new safeguard sex housing drives a plan to brewing, latter will be in the center of to inflationary risk of strong building city the most crucial a piece of cards in one's hand.

Li Shaoming of negotiable securities analyst is cast to think in, reduce housing to trade the policy that duty expends very point to explicitly reduce a dweller to buy room burden, stimulate housing consumption moderately, alleviate estate development invests pressure. Notable is, premier of Home Wen treasure " increase safeguard sex housing to construct scale " put in the first place about building city policy, the expert thinks, this is in the center of " protect growth to or again already inflation " strategical arrangement is reflected in the clarity of estate market.

On October 19, shanghai Xu collects an area a batch of cheapRent a houseObjective deserves to hire application family to begin to shake date, this also is this year since first cheap that Shanghai starts hires housing objective to deserve to hire pilot. And according to what will announce this year in Feburary Shanghai housing built a plan 2008, shanghai is built in all this year, deserve to build economy applicable Fang HelianRent a house4 million square metre. Additional, prospective Shanghai will be preferential assure classics comfortable room and cheapRent a houseland is supplied.

"The housing safeguard strength that increases pair of low income groups is indicating of adjusting control of city of governmental general building direction by ' advocate tone market ' change direction ' advocate tone is ensured ' , undertake one round this warming city action can ensure the achievement of estate adjusting control before this does not suffer menace on this foundation, additional, once local government sees sign of get warm again after a cold spell of commodity house market, its increase the motivation that ensures sexual housing construction and capital actual strength to also can increase somewhat. " Cong Cheng of Shanghai real-estate expert expresses.
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