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Building city " untie a person " cry rise from all directions is wait-and-see th
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Building city " untie a person " cry rise from all directions, the person that the will that expects policy buys a house is wait-and-see the sentiment is stronger, of rigid nevertheless demand trade pace also not backwater. In the meantime, the bank borrows money from what tighten to developing business policy also has to shake evidence.

Central Plains real estate studies data of advisory ministry statistic shows, the 3rd week of Shanghai is complete in October citySecondhand roomClinch a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is controlled in 1500, with photograph comparing clinchs a deal last week the area drops somewhat. But as the government " help city " policy is begun, buy family letter heart to restore somewhat, take step up seeing an amount. Produce statistic according to the place in yesterday, at present belt of sun of average per capita of agent of inn of the door below the banner sees a quantity be 1.5 groups of above about, already achieved " 11 " the belt of the golden week sees an amount.

Investigation of department of faith building market shows, the market does not have special reaction to good news of building city interest. "Should buy the home to feel the price is reasonable only, still can trade normally. They will be afraid, in case policy does not go out tardy, favorite house resell gives others not be to one's profit. Favorite house resell gives others not be to one's profit..

"What still buying a house at present is extremely pressing rigid demand, because await,they are not met policy comes on stage and defer trades. " public figure of department of market of Central Plains real estate tells a reporter, the psychology that waits for policy basically is behaved still lie in those the intent client of phase seeing a room, they are current and wait-and-see mood dense.

Besides the measure helping city such as derate agree duty, business tax, whether the 2nd flatlet borrows untie a person one of focuses that policy also is a bad shot inside course of study. Investment of Shanghai triumphant play chess extends Zhao Wei of department inspector general to disclose to the reporter yesterday, before chief attends a meeting related the subbranch of a bank of market of Shanghai branch Ceng Shao of a few state-owned banks, express clearly to will become loose to develop the loan of the enterprise to estate.

From this market personage guesses, be opposite probably next common the 2nd flatlet borrows the person that buy a house policy also can become loose. The cognizance level that includes pair of the 2nd suite and loan interest rate. So the 2nd flatlet lends interest rate is to be in float of before last of foundation of standard interest rate 10% , "Untie a person " hind may keep balance with standard interest rate. "Do not loosen loan of the 2nd flatlet, clinch a deal increment is met very finite. " Zhao Wei expresses to the reporter.

Nevertheless, although the profit of policy face is good information is ceaseless, place produces president Tan Baijiang to still think in,
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