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Chengdu rebuilds after supporting calamity in the round 5 ground city shines " i
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  Liu Junlin of secretary of river lasher municipal Party committee: Encourage social capital couplet to build

Rebuilding after river lasher calamity is not simple refreshment, fill fission to reveal however urban and rural as a whole, the need that future admits, let rural masses can last in the implementation after rebuilding, good develop quickly again. Solve living problem not only, combine the square respect area that industrial development, zoology protects even.

3 when rebuild after river lasher calamity demonstrative lines are: Pu Yang, Xiang E line is a mountainous area Xiang Ping transfers formerly take, the government basically makes the program of good infrastructure and form a complete set; Violet level ground is spread, Long Chi, rainbow opening line is given priority to with country, travel is resourceful; The 3rd line is hill of edge of black town hill piece area, black town hill, jade hall, grand sight, be Jiang Yan's most important resource, rebuild the program pays attention to pair of zoology protection inside area and industrial development.

We encourage the villager and social capital to begin couplet to build. If friend of social all circles thinks couplet is built, can look first program achievement rebuilds to exhibit after seeing disaster of the Chengdu City, a few introduced above Jiang Yan rebuilds find a place for choose a program.

   Pupil of secretary of Peng state municipal Party committee: 3 investment direction is worth to pay close attention to

Rebuild after calamity accumulate contain a lot of business chance, peng Zhou has 3 direction to be worth to encourage social investor to invest.

It is tourism above all. Peng Zhou overall train of thought is to be located in surely western travel is recreational go vacationing the industry takes make, sufficient mining with " sightseeing, preserve one's health, outdoors motion, expeditionary " the characteristic that gives priority to a problem travels resource. Impression of area of scene of 9 peaks hill, treasure mountain is recreational area of scene of Long Gu of small town of amorous feelings of resort, white deer, coil restores to rebuild, the project of a batch of travel such as travel of characteristic of countryside of lotus water village, the text that can make is very much.

Another domain is contemporary agriculture. According to the program, peng Zhou will become Sichuan banner, radiate the produce western is distributing center center. Investor can aim at crop of advantage of this locality of Peng state city and economic crop to undertake throwing -- Peng Zhou is in smooth dam area to basically develop vegetable property, basically develop fruiter property in upland area, in industry of medicinal material of a mountainous area and main development.

Do couplet to build with local villager namely again. Small investor can choose to have the villages and towns of travel foundation in, do couplet to build together with local villager, can go vacationing into go by aid hotel, countryside of house build. The person that couplet is built can own the building that has property right.
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