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Does market of building of Chengdu of consumptive market depression face " to pu
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Mr Chen that lives in Chengdu did a your friends to consider the issue that be illogical before 4 months: Be in oneself Chengdu urban district south luxurious alone villatic with year hire is close 300 thousand hire firm of a foreign country, him family hired lunar hire additionally however only 2000 yuan high-level elevator apartment.

On October 14, mr Chen is accepting " times of an ancient name for China " when the reporter interviews, say: "The financial storm of wall street can affect hypostatic economy certainly, regular meeting transmits China, had done early ' hibernate ' it is correct that preparation looks. Every months of nearly 20 thousand yuan income that hire difference can make my home is spent smoothly ' in the winter ' . "

Resemble Mr Chen such whiz are minority after all, but in Chengdu, most person is in see the United States second the economical plan that they began after borrowing the crisis to worsen.

   House car two city clinch a deal to glide considerably

12 earths of 5 · after shake, chengdu appeared namely the Xiong Fu of the industry such as travel market and estate market, especially estate market, since June area of the Chengdu City sells commodity house on average to maintain everyday in 100 ~ 150 between, quite delicate.

Be in namely " Jin Jiuyin 10 " Chengdu room is handed in meeting, so called estate trades get warm again after a cold spell also suffers fully inside course of study the doubt of personage and citizen. The room delivers the data that can publish to clinch a deal 3134, clinch a deal area two hundred and ninety-five thousand nine hundred and ninety square metre, however website of house property of bureau of canal of room of the Chengdu City (on September 28 - on October 20) announce clinch a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 631 however. Difference is such big, who should believe?

In the meantime, according to Chengdu house property will trade on October 14 the information that discloses on the net, the house property that area of the Chengdu City puts an amount at present only should be digested have to 3 years, now the end of the year and next year still will have large quantities of amounts first half of the yearBridal chamberAppear on the market.

This shows of serious and superfluous crisis of Chengdu room city one spot. And, this one crisis still did not see up to now improve. "The house that depreciates ceaselessly makes I dare not buy a house more and more, storm of wall street finance does not buy the determination of the room more sturdily inside I am 3 years. " Ms. Xue that once should buy a house says.

Like room city is, the car city of Chengdu all the way low fan, although Chengdu will have international car September,be exhibited and of car business depreciate greatly favourable activity, but sales volume still is compared the corresponding period dropped last year 15 % , become this year the 7th under the month that the corresponding period sold a level last year.
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