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Chengdu building city is arisen " high price is counter-purchased "
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"Buy source of my company house, after 3 years dissatisfactory can return a house, my company will with total house money to the person that buy a house the price of 120% undertakes termless appreciation is counter-purchased! " " attend half price to tax room activity, can sit inside 3 years enjoy total house money the yield of 30% ! " ... close paragraph of time, if where,control with the risk realizing while lower price buys quality building the biggest change, made a building city and broad one of popular topics that the person that buy a house pays close attention to most. And a variety of building pan activities that are stunt with 0 risks, tall redound also begin wind unboiled water to rise, the person that do not know to make more or less buy a house becomes really interested.

With what means do these activities that clean out a room develop? Is its mode of operation feasible? Have a risk after all? Does risk control rate have many tall? A few days ago, our newspaper reporter launched thorough investigation at this point.

   After selling first, buy:

Development business high price counter-purchases a house

"What kind of house to buy the safest? " " whether to arrive to copy a copy now when? " " how to realize the risk that buy a house control is the biggest change, win taller get one's own back as far as possible? " close paragraph of time, what the reporter receives a lot of friends everyday almost is similar seek advice.

Face current market a lot of not certain factor, a lot of investor not know what to do. And in the Chengdu estate that just ends autumn hand in on the meeting, the reporter discovered a vogue word that makes a person enchanted: Half price cleans out a room -- , Chengdu some company took the lead in rolling out " half price of 10 thousand people taxes room activity " . The activity sponsors square introduction, sameBuilding dish, if pass carry out house ministry or fry a can total value or a high price to buy, the highest privilege that appears currently also does not pass 25% ; Carry the channel of this company however, use this firm " professional experience " and " resource of industry dominant position " , can help clean out lodger to realize the risk control of 50% , assure to clean out lodger annual at least safety achieves the fixed earnings of 10% , the poorest the goal that also can achieve half price to buy a house.

Only with half price can " clean out " fine to house? The reporter understands, this " half price of 10 thousand people taxes room activity " fundamental pattern is: The person that clean out a room needs to pay the in part that buys house total fund only, develop business with what enter this activity, Secondhand roomLandlord and the firm that its appoint sign relevant agreement jointly, sign contract of commodity house business again, take satisfactory room; Clean out lodger to still need at the same time with development business (or landlord) sign another contract again, development business (or landlord) must be inside formulary fixed number of year according to the total prices that buy a house the building redemptive, and lodger year after year pays Xiang Tao the fixed income of 10% , can win the get one's own back that is as high as 30% 3 years. If add up to of the same age to be restricted to expire, development business or landlord do not counter-purchase this building by contract provision, criterion this building returns directly naughty lodger is all, the person that buy a house bought half price house directly; When arriving if house price appears to drop greatly, because clean out lodger to buy a house with half price only, appear very hard also deficit; If expire hind development business or landlord continue to participate in an activity and add signs a contract, clean out lodger to continue to clean out a room with lower price, satisfy both sides.
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