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New policy of central building city decides tune: "Protect investment " not " as
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Central building city is new politics calm attune: "Protect investment " not " ask city "

On October 17, the stability that routine work conference puts forward the State Council and the 10 measure middle finger that exciting economy grows go out, should " increase safeguard sex housing to construct scale, reduce housing to trade tax cost, supportive dweller buys a house " .

Yin Zhongli of researcher of place of finance of courtyard of Chinese company division points out, " increase safeguard sex housing to construct scale " the policy attitude that puts in the first place to say to building city serves in the center of palpability: Relaxing policy is to promote estate investment, and rather than " ask city " , be in encouraging a government to be low income person provide housing, the person that and rather than buys a house with enlarging financial venture to be encouraged for cost buys the house that develops business.

   Policy changes to

Housing and Chou Baoxing of undersecretary of ministry of urban and rural construction will hold in Shenzhen on October 18 " Chinese mayor forum " on express, should spend to the policy freedom with certain each district, rangjigen occupies each district the policy that actual condition makes stable estate market. Housing and ministry of urban and rural construction pay close attention to this height, what can be encouraged, what need cut back, on the experience foundation that sums up each district, housing and ministry of urban and rural construction or normative sex policy comes on stage.

Although this word lets had come on stage severally " help city " 18 cities of policy had " sth capable of comforting sb " , but to " encourage " and " break down " policy definition does not have clarity however, local government already came on stage whether can have in policy by the central policy that makes stop, still cannot know.

But consider coming on stage " help city " the city of policy appears already smell out the new meaning of central policy.

Wuhan town house assist the inspect and learn each other's work of metaphase of project of award of person house environment that secretary-general Xiao Hanchang will hold in project of Jin Douhan palace on October 18 tells a reporter on the meeting, wuhan city also is in consider concerning the policy that help city, specific policy may be referenced the policy of Hangzhou and other places.

And what wait for a place unlike Hangzhou is, put forward in the new policy that Wuhan plans to come on stage, give the person that buys commodity house finance allowance no longer, lest cause new society to allocate unjust, finance allowance basically will give town in low income family, encourage them to buy autonomy, perfective housing.

A development business of 9 rivers town tells Jiangxi the reporter, 9 rivers city publishs building city in succession in each district " help city " also begin to be able to 't restrain after policy. Recently, 9 rivers municipal government calls together development business to study local building city " help city " policy. Differ with other city, own financial resources of 9 rivers city is insufficient, won't adopt means of large-scale finance allowance to come " help city " , preparation puts the emphasis in reduce a building to trade on tax cost.
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