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Industry guesses: Secondhand business tax of title deed tax may be reduced
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The State Council spends economy in arrangement deploy the four seasons mention in the job, will reduce housing to trade tax cost, supportive dweller buys a house. To this, shanghai main rooms produces expert analysis to think, in the futureSecondhand roombusiness tax and agree duty may be adjusted. And the reporter goes up from Shanghai each area house property trades the center learns, have not receive tax cost to adjust an announcement at present, implement active policy as before.

   Trade center: Still implement existing policy at present

In the State Council conference of job of four quarters economy puts forward to reduce housing to trade tax cost, the tidings that bears a dweller to buy a house at the same time, it is good to have again report of Hong Kong article reports the government is about to roll out 7 big profits of building city policy, the reporter tried to contact a country to build ministry, hair to change yesterday appoint the content that waits for a branch to hope to understand each tax cost to adjust and time, referred to construction ministry cover case, but when distributing news dispatches up to the reporter, relevant section still did not give a reporter the response.

Yesterday, the estate that the reporter sought advice from the many areas such as Huang Pu, Lu Wan trades center, according to trading staff member of wealth tax window introduces, at present they had been not received reduce housing to trade the specific directive that duty expends, accordingly present trade or undertake according to the policy before.

   Industry guesses

Duty of business tax, agree may be reduced

Analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, housing trades reduce tax cost, take the lead in very likely fromSecondhand roomBegin.

CurrentSecondhand roomtrade tax cost includes agree duty, income tax, business tax, stamp duty to wait. Company of much home intermediary and expert of partial house property all are forecasted, in cost of these a few tax, agree duty, business tax is reduced possibly, but the possibility that income tax and stamp duty adjust is not large.

At present capture pays common housing business tax cent buy mix 5 years completely resent 5 years two kinds of circumstances, the house property that sells a dissatisfaction 5 years needs capture to be as high as the business tax of 5% , the risk cost that the period that this sets to in estate spec atmosphere upsurges raised to invest a guest greatly, dozen press effect of house property bubble remarkable, but nowadays market environment time passes and the situation has changed, reduce business tax appropriately or reduce trading fixed number of year, it is right choice to promoting market person spirit.

Because house price is ceaseless when the river rises the boat goes up too, nowadays center the city zone looks for average house hard already. Because this expert predicts, especially average to be not house, the agree duty of 3% or license arrive with falling 1.5% . Because individual income tax and stamp duty are former proportion is not high, predict adjustment possibility is not large so. "I reckon income tax should not be adjusted. " Cong Cheng analysis says deputy researcher of management center of Shanghai accumulation fund, income tax is unlikely to adjust, because collect the cession of 20% by price difference at present,be income tax policy did not get be executived effectively, countrywide each district collects housing basically to transfer income tax according to the 1% check and ratify of price, so original real intention is in trade the taxation that link restrains speculation to buy room demand, the price difference profit that transfers with housing rises quite, become negligible, this is brought about directly appear in the market sell the home with alleged clean in one's hand price pattern quote, be down cost of domestic transfer tax. Accordingly, while other tax cost drops, the country should be increased make over income tax to carry out strength, look up in order to prevent congenial action afresh.
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