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Because of systematization Hangzhou of relatively apparent Chengdu calls " to sa
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The near future, each local government " help city " the upsurge happen frequently of building city. According to not complete count, the local government that has 18 cities early or late published relevant policy, have most among them representative is Hangzhou announce " 24 " with Chengdu " special 10 " . Of two cities " building city is new politics " because have relatively apparent systematization and be called " the surveyor's pole that help city " .

Partial city move is as follows:


In June, chengdu government publishs policy: Agree duty derate and finance allowance; Accumulation fund borrows money head pay 2 into etc.


May, shenyang city announces new standard of average house price, the 5 areas inside city are moved on average house standard reachs 6700 yuan / square metre, make major commodity house trades agree duty from 4% fall for 1.5% .


In August, xiamen government relaxes common housing standard, roll out 144 square metre to ensure sexual housing below, put borrow interest rate to reduce.


In September, xi'an municipal government comes on stage " a certain number of opinions that develop about restoring real estate " , press total of the money that buy a house to buying room door, cent 1.5% , 1% , 3 0.5% grade offer certain proportional finance subsidy.

Lake of overgrown with weeds

In September, government of lake of overgrown with weeds publishs policy, adjust accumulation fund loan head pays scale and ceiling to wait.


In September, changzhou government publishs policy: Cancel to reach scale of above housing accumulation fund and highest forehead to spend limitation to 2; Open housing accumulation fund different ground borrows money.


In September, nanjing municipal government " about maintaining estate market stable health develops an opinion " come on stage " real estate is new politics 20 " .

Su Qian

In October, old change municipal government comes on stage " the policy that develops about promoting central city real estate and trade sets " , buy a house highest to 7% allowance.


In October, hangzhou city comes on stage " 24 " real estate is new politics, content includes housing accumulation fund to borrow money highest forehead is spent raise 600 thousand yuan by 500 thousand yuan, buy commodity house accumulation fund loan head pays scale by 30% reduce to 20% . The agree duty that buys general goods house to the individual, stamp duty, trade duty place part is avoided completely.


In October, the highest specified amount that loan of compensatory housing accumulation fund moves on Shanghai is spent, the family that accords with a condition is highest can borrow 600 thousand yuan.