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Close hire an agreement first the ceremony after arms avoids issue
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Current, about adding up to the dispute common occurance that hire and happens. The reporter makes especially remind as follows:

Safe problem should make an on-the-spot investigation close hire characteristic of crowd of characteristic of square social class, profession, contact, disposition to wait, the photocopy that must leave Id, employee's card to wait each other reachs connection phone. If be the opposite sex combines the word that hire, must raise vigilance more.

Valuable joins the staff that rent a house jumbly, must have attended to oneself article, wait for deposit receipt, credit card put in the place that concealments quite, record the important data such as next number in computer, by pilfer or after losing, can report a case to the security authorities to concerned branch. Like mobile phone, purse and so on must be carried.

It is very important that habits and customs adds up to the healthy condition that hires associate and individual sanitation to be used to, it is clear that best before be entered both sides consults knowledge.

Cost of coal of water and electricity of apportionment of expenses is bagatelle it seems that one picket, the individual is used multi-purpose little very difficult consideration, pose issue easily. Had better be in when signing a contract with add up to the person that hire to agree charge pays a principle, the disbursement that if clear chummage and water and electricity are gas,expends the forehead is spent, means, time and did not pay how to be solved on schedule etc. In the meantime, the day cost cost such as property management, cable television, broadband also wants apportion to be clear about.

The contract that rent wants vigilance a few " sublessor " use hire a room to be about to expire, give false information rents deadline diddle to join rent of the person that hire. Accordingly, if be with " sublessor " combine the word that hire, also must sign the contract that rent, should ask for landlord to agree with the certify to file of sublessor relet building at the same time, what pay hire to had better not grow Yu Jifu.