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Rental room has safe problem to hire room contract to should remove
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Rental room has safe problem to hire room contract to should remove

Recently, cognizance of class people court maintained Qinghai province Hai Dongzhong to rent problem of building occurrence safety because of place together and case of caused dispute of the contract that rent.
On March 24, the accused Liu Yongming with annual 4000 yuan hire oneself the chummage of ground floor shop front of second floor room gives accuser Ma Dejun two years. The wall body below an in will former building window after equestrian De Juncheng is hired and window is demolished. In June, liu Yongming discovers to there is break on the one side wall of 2 buildings, negotiate column of build by laying bricks or stones to be on guard with Ma Dejun, because did not come to an agreement, liu concludes the case to police station newspaper. Ma Dejun of the deadline after police station receives a reply eliminates safe hidden danger, ma Dejun is managed normally with the influence then for to civilian sue with court of people of autonomous county of the Tu nationality of the Hui nationality.

After the court is tried, think, although Liu Yongming puts forward a building to appear because Ma Dejun do sth without authorization demolishs heatable adobe sleeping platform and window be caused by,break is, but cannot provide evidence again. According to " contract law " concerned regulation, the court decision removes the building rents a contract, liu Yongming is one-time return still give Ma Dejun to hire cost 5100 yuan, ma Dejun is responsible the building restorable.

After first instance adjudicates, the accused Liu Yongming refuses to obey put forward to appeal. Court of people of Hai Dongzhong class thinks after 2 careful cognizance, although the contract that both sides signs did not expire, but endanger person safety or health really according to the content that rent, tenant can remove at any time the treaty of the contract, maintain original judgement.