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3 kinds of forms that rent a house have advantages and disadvantages to want cau
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Study abroad to England, besides read besides study, the life also is the problem that students care. The problem that rents a house with respect to England today makes a simple introduction, the hope is about to go to to those flower the classmates that study abroad are helped somewhat.

The house is rented in England, basically have 3 kinds of forms, lodging family (dormitory of Home Stay) , school (Campus Accommodation) and cheap private room (Private House/flat) . Lodging family and school dormitory price are higher, but what handed in chummage charge to already included water charge of electricity and gas cost to wait (network fee can hand in) additionally, lodging family price is 100 pound commonly / (include breakfast and dinner) ; School dormitory price is 70-90 pound commonly / , food provides for oneself commonly. And the private room that rents petty gain with other partnership is most China student studying abroads the choice form with the mainest room is hired in England, an apportion water and electricity expends students (water expends Yindeke to avoid hand in) , fee of gas cost and 電 telephone bill, network, together common the establishment such as furniture, kitchen, toilet, london and Scotland case pull Sigede private room leases the area the room is Flat more, area of the north in England is House more, rent uses by the area surprise, london 50-75 flower 鎊 / (odd world) , and on the low side of chummage of area of the north in England, it is 35-60 pound about / (odd world) ; If two people close,hire double world, price share will be cheaper.

3 kinds of forms that rent a house have advantages and disadvantages each, choose lodging family and school dormitory, experience the service that international student lodges, the student can learn different culture and life style, accordingly meeting blends in British life more quickly. If you are the student of a language school, that accommodation family can be better choice; If you are to go to England,read the first year of preparatory / the student of undergraduate course, that school dormitory is better choice; If you had been in England to study abroad for some time to already got used to local culture, so the choice closes hire housing to be able to compare ideal, reduce your cost that rent a house at the same time, ease life pressure.