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Intermediary cost shakes secretary of association of agent of file yesterday tra
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Jiangsu saves prices bureau to unlock the message of intermediary rate last week, cause the wide attention of the intermediary industry, person that buy a house. Today's message shows, bureau of Nanjing city price, room canal bureau already was received and transmit is relevant file, and what the personage inside course of study cares is specific adjust pattern still not " appear " .

On August 11, hall of province prices bureau, construction issues the announcement that collects fees about unlocking partial estate intermediary to serve jointly. This station contact bureau of canal of bureau of Nanjing city price, room for a short while, relevant personage all expresses to had not gotten relevant announcement, just hear of somewhat, stay even need research of after the event.

This one message had newest progress at present, on August 18, bureau of Nanjing city price was released formally " the announcement that transmit collects fees about unlocking partial estate intermediary to serve " file, the relevant announcement that this file weighs to already will save hall of prices bureau, construction to release (revive valence is taken [2008]267 date) transmit reachs Nanjing city bureau of prices of each area county, house property bureau. But in this announcement, the specific rate that cares to intermediary industry, adjust means to still did not see specific provision.

A staff member of room inspect place weighs management board of Nanjing city house property, at present bureau of Nanjing house property just also will save li of released document to undertake transmit, did not undertake other alters. And the relevant personage of city price bureau also supports same attitude.

Won't fall again for certain tone wants discretion

Although branch of prices bureau, house property continues " ambiguous " , but personage of know the inside story discloses, last week 5 (15 days) Nanjing agent association is held " secret meeting " , be related was expended to undertake discussion with respect to intermediary on the conference.

Although did not reach any agreements, but serve Fei Xinzheng in the light of the medium that begins to execute after September 1, the personage inside course of study also expresses, at present new policy still lies digestive phase, whether to go up tone, on how much to move, had not published the thing of detail. "But OK and affirmative is current intermediary cost won't fall again, although go up,tone also can be in a reasonable, objective space, the range that won't exceed the person that buy a house to be able to be accepted " , the city opens 1000 house to carry Chen Kang of battalion headquarters manager expresses.

What standard is just reasonable? At present the intermediary standard of Nanjing is 1.4% , this standard far under other city. As we have learned, at present the intermediary cost of Guangzhou is 4% , shanghai is 4% , beijing is 3% , and the intermediary of Nanjing is expended from 2004 from 2% reduce 1.4% . "This prices branch shakes intermediary cost, do not set upper limit, do not mean us to be able to go up blindly tone, go up to 3% like Shanghai, Beijing, this is not real issue " , suitable gallop Wen Xiaoqing of analyst of praedial chief market expresses. Restore 2% , it is the level that can accept inside course of study at present, wen Xiaoqing expresses, "Every enterprise needs to have a reasonable space, at the same time this space must let a client accept, such word is whole the industry just can tend stable. Such word is whole the industry just can tend stable..
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