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After lowering interest, choose opportunely still borrow means to decrease a mon
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Will rise on September 16, the Central Bank reduced the standard interest rate of loan. Although next amplitude modulation are not big, but bank borrow an expert to remind: After lowering interest, the room borrows conduct financial transactions to also have " of " way to do sth but abide, anthology borrow way to returning, can plan province breath to carry out the ground more complete.

According to bank of the people's livelihood borrow expert introduction, once interest rate is entered,drop passageway, means of float interest rate should be a magic weapon that the client reduces interest expenses. According to relevant provision, the adjustment of loan interest rate is periodic but one year by " certain " changes for leasehold both sides presses " commercial principle is affirmatory, can closing the month is pressed inside the corresponding period, by season, by year adjust " .

Accordingly, apply for one year period the individual housing of above mortgages loan its loan interest rate adjusts means to be able to execute " " was adjusted on January 1 second year, also can execute " to be adjusted by lunar " , the morrow that from Central Bank loan standard interest rate adjusts the day of breath of the first knot after has the contract loan interest rate after be being adjusted namely begin applicable, or is " is adjusted by day " , namely what contract loan interest rate decides at people bank is applicable new loan is standard of interest rate undertake adjustment that day.

So, "Is the " that press a month adjusted press year of " to adjust with " have how old difference? In order to borrow money 1 million yuan, deadline 10 years, it is by the means of reimbursement of frontal principal and interest such as the month exemple, assume its extended on August 20, 2008 loan, deduct a money 20 days every months, so former begin to implement new interest rate from September 21, and latter implements new interest rate from January 1, 2009, month of former latterer little pay offers 168 yuan. Not only such, later whenever interest rate is reduced, former the advantage that can precede one pace enjoys economic interest, accomplish truly let a month fall together for interest rate of prep close behind.