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Affirm the building is accurate the area is secondhand the room carries a choose
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CarrySecondhand roomShould pay attention to detail " 3 look to listen " had chosen a room

  Look: Sell room person person of whether true property right

Serious examine and verify sells room person property right card and identity document, do not credulous " sure " bag ticket. The full name that person of building property right had better affirm again before paying deposit and bargainor are consistent, be not person of building property right like the bargainor or involve right of inheritance, mutual right, should ask relevant party shows up along with all the others, otherwise, should show accredit a power of attorney.

   2 look: Formalities selling a house is effective

The property right evidence that should examine a bargainor to offer seriously, agree tax testimony, Id (must be both sides of husband and wife or mutual person be short of one cannot) etc effective, the contract that both sides signs must be used unite the treaty wording that make by estate department, ensure contract content adds up to standard standard.

   3 look: What sell a building to whether can trade lawfully

What sell a building to whether had been closed down by the administration mechanism such as the court, whether was already used at guaranty or without hypothec person agree, whether this building already was included to tear open change limits and address of property right card and building practically location nots agree with etc, above circumstance and behavior of illicit of proclaimed in writing of law law plan all do not do business.

   Listen: Cannot ignore

Listen to seriously, objective understanding is sold neighbour is other to this room all round the building the introduction of relevant circumstance. The real reason that betrays like this room, water and electricity is gas heating or other and public facilities whether bills due, whether to because violate the rules and regulations is decorated,exist a variety of hidden trouble, the second birth after lest enter,living is vimineous.

   BuySecondhand room9 attentions

One, the accurate area that affirms a building. Include the actual area inside floor area, usable floor area and room, what indicate commonly on property right card is floor area, the safest method is to measure the area that the corner reachs from the corner inside the building, namely alleged carpet area.

2, the internal composition that observes a building. Door model reasonable, do not suit fit defect particularly; Cop is too much perhaps take a line unreasonable; Whether does the ceiling have the mark of ooze water; Whether does wall have blowout or the obvious question such as desquamate.

3, the establishment of municipal form a complete set that assesses a building. The quality that opens faucet to observe water, hydraulic; Affirm the power supply capacity of the house, avoided occurrence summer not to open the awkwardness of air conditioning; Observe whether line of indoor dispatches from foreign news agency has the appearance of ageing; Of line and closed-circuit television put through circumstance.
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