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Buy decorate a room to note 6 law problem completely
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Buy decorate a room to may appear completely a lot of law problems, as a whole, the house that buying complete outfit foster cordial relations between countries should note the following respect:

The first, to reduce among them law risk, the proposal can adopt 3 kinds of mode to make clear responsibility main body, guarantee the right of purchaser thereby.

The first kind is contract of the room of development business and autograph of the person that buy a house that order, development business and the decorate an agreement to serve as a contract accessory that decorate a company; The 2nd kind is development business and a contract that buy a house is signed between the person that buy a house, the person that buy a house and decorate a company to sign to decorate engineering contract again; The 3rd kind is to sign agreement of a tripartite, mention expressly in the agreement by decorate company and development business to assume joint liability to occurrence problem, responsibility is assumed without actual strength when because sign,company of home of not witting where arrives when the contract.

The 2nd, the content that decorates long room material and equipment is incorporate. Decorate standard of material model, quality, some want specialize is some kind of main material, especially quality of take cover engineering, material is attached most importance to especially should. When signing a contract, answer to wait character to decorating standards of material, equipment, color, model, brand, grade, craft, material specific and clear.

The 3rd, the contract should agree development business offers the blueprint that decorates a respect and construction graph to serve as the accessory of the contract.

The 4th, the agreement checks and accept main body, decorate quality clearly to check and accept a standard. If development business is not the person of the first responsibility that decorate, acceptable responsibility is assumed by the person that buy a house, for this pair of person that buy a house very difficult. Decorate quality standard clearly of course, consulting the personage inside relevant course of study is necessary.

The 5th, the agreement decorates a project to guarantee each time and responsibility main body. Basis " housing project quality guarantees method " regulation, decorate a project to guarantee period for 2 years. But this does not include the equipment inside house to guarantee. The equipment inside house can be pressed only " product quality standard " will protect. Press product quality code to decide, of equipment guarantee by production business is assumed, guarantee period calculate since the day that sell. And when the person that buy a house takes house property key, the likelihood guarantees with respect to what crossed equipment period. Interest of the person that buy a house for protection so should agree equipment guarantees period, decorate a project to guarantee period guarantee with building quality period for 2 years, when be being entered from the building, rise calculate, guarantee responsibility is reached by development business decorate a company to assume joint liability jointly.
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