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The person that financial market plans: Copy of channel of crowded ⒄ of shallow
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The program architect Wang Jin of Chengdu banking market accepts our newspaper special report, communicative east the development program of the ave

"This is the big happy event of Chengdu! " on September 17, king of adviser of government of the Chengdu City, economist is entered (right graph) sit down, conveyed her joyance to the reporter with respect to enraptured ground. As American first-lady fatigue pulled one of 8 females delegates that interview in China 2002, wang Jin already fame is outer. This Chengdu east the ave is made western the tentative idea of wall street, wang Jin puts forward the first times. Nowadays, the dream begins to take off. Inside two hours of the special interview, wang Jin conceals a heart hard medium excited. In Wang Jin eye, the future of the ave is a street that financial orgnaization gathers not only east, and the industrial group that will be a finance, "A blood bank that it will become the Chengdu City to develop " .

   Chengdu development needs financial market

Speak of to make east the tentative plan that the ave makes financial market, wang Jin is a little proud.

June 2007, chengdu obtains batch of whole nations to plan as a whole division of test of reform of urban and rural and integrated form a complete set. "Chengdu is pressing need area of core of a finance, will be development give sb a shot in the arm. " Wang Jin's idea bursts forth come out, the with counselor opinion means on the horse " compose establishs area mutiple level capital market -- , the construction about Chengdu test division " expression comes out, will east the ave makes financial market, be among them core.

"Finance is blending in the life of common people with extremely swift and violent posture. " Wang Jin says, financial product has become the heat that the citizen pays close attention to. But, have so much " the dweller that buys food " , have so much " the farmer that sells food " , why the market of neither one standard?

Still a thing makes Wang Jin impressive. This year in July, sea of the upgrade before her attends " compose builds Shanghai to become international banking center " when a forum, discover surprisingly, the whole nation has 97 cities to hope construction becomes financial center. "Finance is honest too important! " Wang Jin says, finance is the blood that an area develops, chengdu is built western financial center, need a wall street that belongs to oneself.

   260 billion capital is in Chengdu " sleep "

"Present financial development encountered such problem: There is money on the body do not know to be cast toward where, need money do not know where to search again. Financial market serves as a such markets, want to solve this problem namely. " Wang Jin says, it is difficult that medium and small businesses calls financing every day, but the data shows, the Chengdu City " sleep " money has 260 billion yuan (the bank is put borrow difference) , the specification invests channel too narrow, market is too small.
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