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City of building of Chengdu of " of favourable battle of " of market win initial
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Editor's note: One yuan a jin base city of end shrimp face when, the wine shop business of that unknown must frighten Chengdu very much the dead; And arrive " anniversary is celebrated " dozen fold, chengdu bazaar shops just like do not want money, need " grab " ; Callback of house price reason, favourable measure more elephant " serial plan " , do not buy a house right now, what to wait for even?

   Privilege yielding benefit arouses the passion that buy a house

To attract the person that buy a house, numerous development business was hit " favourable battle " , in a moment, each each each big paper, TV, networks, outdoors advertisement and even at mobile phone short message, cent sheet of numerous medium, DM is full ofBuilding dishDozen fold, the advertisement of privilege, give sb a present.

Mu Hena path rises 2008 yuan; Price of of people of talent of privilege of garden of city of bright and beautiful river 3980 yuan / ㎡; Front courtyard of a person of extraordinary powers of cloudland of · of constant big city on September 13 open quotation, open quotation is additional that day 85 lose privilege; City of TOWN of blue Guang Shengfei carries form a complete set of motion of 4000 smooth gymnasium, push 20 indulgence house especially, a price 3980 yuan / smooth rice; Some is surrounded partly join pure house community, 85-90 smooth rice covers 2 3 model, realization 98-104 makes the same score rice, total prices rises 420 thousand yuan... the closest period of time, a lot of development business hit " to let benefit sell " brand, for a short while, "Indulgence room, protect a value to counter-purchase, the privilege that buy a house looks again and again, the heart door leaf that the numerous development business such as indulgence " makes the advertisement of benefit heavy beating the person that buy a house mid-autumn.

Market sentiment also by clinchs a deal the quantity gives reflect. Data of orgnaization of old and well-known family shows, as the earthquake the influence is weakened gradually, house of commodity of the Chengdu City clinchs a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera will appear to pick up August trend -- Chengdu commodity house will clinch a deal August gross is 5715, clinched a deal more than last month 375 flatlet source, annulus comparing rose 7% . Clinch a deal this month the month on area ratio increased 57321.54 square metre, annulus comparing rose 12.6% .

The market thinks to develop business privilege to depreciate, from the passion buying a house that aroused the person that buy a house greatly, of ceaseless innovationBuilding dish, more favourable policy, still have the activity such as give sb a present, the person that let buy a house laughed at a flower. Mr Chen tells a reporter: "I took a fancy to downtown a small familyBuilding dish, preparation is used come from perhaps invest, my unit leaves there very close, I am paying close attention to all the time, 10 thousand should are close to previously every make the same score rice, all sorts of privilege come down to want only now 7000 much, delimit the move is miserably, this is the price that I consider to did not have the courage to think. I prepare to do it immediately. I prepare to do it immediately..
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